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Playing Netball while pregnant? Rss

I have just found out that I am pregnant with number two. I am a keen netballer, with my first pregnancy I didn't play at all but this time round I would like to keep it up (especially as I have just paid alot of money for this season which hasn't begun yet!).

I plan on telling my coach. How long do you think I can play for before it is time to stop?


Amanda smile
Personally i wouldnt play at all.
I play (normally) and the games are rough, what happens if you fall??

I played against a girl last season and she was 2 months.....

Maybe play as long as it is comfortable for you.

heres an interesting link saying it is ok.

My Obstetrician would kill me for even suggesting it!
Its not worth the risk hun.
Oh really? I always thought that it was ok to play in your first trimester, or until your belly pops out.

I phoned my Coach last night and told her that I was willing to play but unfortunately our club wont allow it.

I play indoor netball once a week with a group of other mums which is not so rough - always stopping and starting, and it is only social so we don't have any of those rough competitive girls there!

Would like to know of anyone who has played while pregnant and what they thought about it?

I know Adiene Wilson from the Silver Ferns played agains Auzzie while she was pregnant and later announced it at the end of the game! Each to their own I guess.
You still need to be really careful no matter how serious the comp. I played when i was pregnant and miscarried between dd1 and dd2. it was in one of the "mums" comps.
This is a very personal decision. I was lucky my husband and team mates were all for me keeping up my level of physical activity as long as I felt able to. I continued to play until I was 24 weeks. Your body will soon tell you if you are capable of playing or not.
Yeah the game can be rough but it is amazing how quickly you managed to change the way you play so that you stay out of the way of the rougher players while still playing a big part in the game .
You do what you feel is right for you. I am glad I continued to play but I also respect those who choose not to play at all.

I'd also read up on this as well
I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant with my 2nd & I am still playing netball. My coach and club manager are aware. I spoke to my midwife she said I was fine to carry on playing as long as I felt able. And a thing to worry about was bladder weakness with stopping & starting.
My Dr advised against it but my midwife said to continue if I felt well enough! I think it's great to keep up exercise while you can. I let my coach know very early on and she and I both agreed that as soon as I wasnt comfortable I was able to come off the court. One game I had a new opponent in the 4th quarter who was elbowing me in the stomach, so I called injury time and walked off the court. Every other game I've been ok!
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