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31wks and uncontrolable Crying Lock Rss

Hi Everyone

I have had the worst day of my whole pregnancy today and have spent the whole day crying. It started with my boss having a 'chat' with me this morning and ever since then I can't stop crying. It seems as though tears just keep on running out of my eyes for no reason at all.

Has anyone else experienced this and do you have any good ideas to help stop it?


S Brooks, Hobart

Hi Shelley,

I know how you feel as I have been there before. In my last pregnancy I had a couple of days where everything made me cry. It was triggered by an event at work as well. This time around I don't cry but find that if something bad happens, I get very upset and start to really stress about things. My advice is to firstly realise that your hormones are completely nuts while you are pregnant and you will take things to heart. Even once you have the baby it will be like this for a while so understand that it is just the way it will be for sometime to come. Next, if you have a supportive partner, talk to him and vent your feelings. Men always try to solve your problems (or so it seems to me) rather than just listen so be up front and say that all you want to hear is nice and supportive things. Finally, I try and work out what the issues are and then try and come up with some creative solutions. I don't always follow through, but sometimes if you at least know that you have options, you feel more in control and less upset.

Just remember that in 9 weeks time you will have a beautiful baby and any work worries etc. will not be there. I also think that some bosses are extra hard on pregnant women even though they should know that our priorities might be a bit different now, they sometimes don't see this and take it out on us.

Good luck and hope this has helped a bit.

Hi Shelley-
I spent a good deal of my pregnancy in tears, (mind you, I was in a miserable relationship!) but my advice would be to let yourself have a good old cry if you need to, but then decide when it's time to stop. Visualise a red stop sign, and change what you are doing- go for a walk, watch a movie, bake a cake, whatever! It's ok to cry, but you need to set some boundaries for when it's time to stop feeling miserable, and do whatever makes you feel beter. Concentrate on keeping healthy- it's good for your baby and makes your after- birth recovery much easier if you exercise lightly and eat well.
This is what worked for me- hope you're feeling better soon!
As soon as you have a baby to care for, you'll have all the more reason to treat yourself better!

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2

Hi Shelley,

How are you feeling? Hope everything is going well for you now. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to get back on track. It's been really stressful at my work the past few weeks and I am finding that I am very teary a lot. Oh well - soon I'll be on maternity leave and won't have to worry about it anymore!

Good luck and let us know how you are going.

Hi everyone

Thanks for your replies, the crying has settled down now and things are fine again. It just must have been one of those days and I took everything the wrong way I guess.

So I feel as though I am normal once again (only 6 weeks to go now!!!)


S Brooks, Hobart

Hi Shelley,

Glad to hear you are feeling better ... you give me hope things might improve for me too. I can't believe how emotional and teary the pregnancy hormones have made me too particularly in the last month or so. I never used to be overly emotional now the smallest things I take to heart. I have had such an easy pregnancy physically (no morning sickness or anything) so I think I lucked out when it came to the mental health side of things ... LOL. Oh well at least I have an understanding partner. I would go mad if I had to live with me at the moment smile

Good luck with the birth!!!

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)


I hope things do settle down for you. I remember with my first I was shocking and cried and just about everything and everyone. The moods were terrible, i don't know how my partner or my work coped with me.

Just think when it is all over, everyone will forget about the moods you had.

Take Care & Good luck with everything

S Brooks, Hobart

tell me about it.......... i am very emotional with baby # 3 and its awful..............
i recently had that Boss "Chat" and everytime after that chat at work i get a bit teary,,,,, after the "Chat" i was horrible - i was glad it was the end of the day i was leaving straight after..... i got in my car and cried and cried and cried............. i got home to the other half and cried and cried some more...........
i know it is because of my Preg. cause if i wasnt Preg. i would have been fine and accepting..........
Although then again i know the"chat" was only cause i am preg.

damn i seem to be bitching....... as you can tell the talks are no good.... and being with these emotions all upsetting things are 100 times worse then they should be
Hi Shelley

How is the pregnancy going? You must be getting awfully close now!

My emotions have settled right down now thankfully (but not my moods - doh!). In fact I don't think I have cried for at least 4 weeks LOL!

How is everyone else coping with those tears?

As for you 'Boss Chat' Young Mum, if your boss has been picking on you about your work unfairly you need to stand up for yourself. I have felt a couple of times that my boss has been 'testing' me a little, like suggesting that my work may not be 100% up to scratch. I have been really concious of not slackening off cause I don't want work to think I have the attitude of 'I'm not here much longer so I don't care!'. I have been really concious of still meeting my productivity targets and working hard, so I make sure I stand up for myself if my boss implies anything different. Like when he said a part of my report wasn't thorough enough I reminded him that he had given me 4 hours to do a report that would normally take 8 hours and he was like 'Yeah fair enough.'


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi Jo

Yes things have settled down now, haven't had anymore crying days at all. That one day seemed to fix it all for me (must have run out of tears).

Well only 4 days left to go, until due date. I have 2 days left at work and everyone is getting a little nervous around me I think. They must be scared that I will just drop the baby on the floor or something........ smile

I have noticed that since I have gotten further along in the pregnancy (and people notice you are pregnant) that it has been a little better at work, however I am sure that at times they do try to test you that little bit more just because you are pregnant.

Hope all is going well for you and all the other mums to be out there, take care.

How long do you have left at work?


S Brooks, Hobart

Hi Shelley!

Gosh you are working up to the last minute aren't you!!! Just 4 days to go! Are you excited or nervous??

How have you found working up till as late in your pregnancy as you have? I am 31 weeks and really noticed in the last week or two how tired I have become at work (and that is 4 day weeks with all these public holidays!) I have given notice to finish work on the 4 June (36 weeks) but I might still work a couple of days a week after this depending on how I feel. What are your plans work-wise after bub is born?? I plan to work a couple of days a week after about 6 months and maybe do some work from home before this depending how I and baby are coping.

Good luck with the birth and I can't wait to hear what you have and the name you pick (or like me did you find out?? - we are having a boy!)


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi Jo

Yes I have left it up to the last minute with work, but I guess I am better off being here and keeping busy than sitting at home. I have noticed in the last couple of weeks I could have possibly gone part time as a rest in the afternoon would be nice. It makes it very hard working full time, studying externally and going home to a 7yr old with ADHD, I wouldn't have it any other way though.

I am getting rather nervous now, even though this is my second it feels like a first as it has been such a long time since Braidon was born.

I plan on coming back to work 6weeks after (Yes I know I am stupid), however in the industry I work in it would make it very difficult if I came back too late as things change so much.

I was like you and had to find out what we were having, it is a little girl and her name will be Hollie. That is as long as she comes out a girl!

You only have a month left at work so hang in there, but I do recommend if you feel you need it go part time.


S Brooks, Hobart

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