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how to provent dizziness Lock Rss

Im 17wks pregnant with my 2nd pregnancy 1st miscarried and im still sick in the mornings just wondering what to sick to provent sickness and dizziness in the mornings
hi well when i was pregnant i used to get very dizzy and a couple of times neally fainted i found that i was anemic and had to take fefol iron tablets the whole way through my pregnancy when i used to get dizzy the first thing i would do is put my head way down in between my knees and keep it down there till it past this worked for me and prevented me from fainting hope this helps.
Well Ive been taken elevit tablets since I was six weeks pregnant im now 18 wks i am dizzy in the shower when its hot even though i have cold showers ive tried sitting down in the shower until i feel better but sometimes if i get up too quick i feel light headed apart from that its fine
i would say it is anemia-----

you should get your doc to check your blood count.

Im naturally anemic but most women become anemic during pregnancy.

With my second bub.. i did reach the extent of passing out i wasnt able to go to place alone cause of the heat (i passed out in a take away shop once that was embarassing)

you should take Iron tablets,,, FEFOL is based on Iron, it also gives you the folic acid recommended for Pregnancy.

I recommend you take Vit C tablets also with these as some people tend to get bowel probs. if you know what i mean with the iron intake of fefol but Vit C breaks it down better.

Seek your doc. help if it keeps continuing.
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