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I am putting together a basket of favourite things for a close friends baby shower. It will basically be a basket of MY favourite things (things that have worked for me). Like bonds suits, the Baby Love book by Robin Barker, bulk box of newborn nappies etc. When she has the baby she will work out what are her favourite things, but in the interim are there any mums out there that can give me some other suggestions. You know the things that you have just found to be absolute God sends.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

Sounds like a great idea!

Why dont you put in a gift voucher for a trip to the beauty parlour or somewhere else she really likes to go.

As we all know money gets short and your last priority is to treat yourself.

I wish someone had thought to do something like this for me.

Gook luck Aileen

Aileen, nsw, Macenzie17 months plus 1 edd 4/11/04

That's such a lovely idea - what a good friend you are! I know that I can't get enough bibs! Also perhaps some wraps, a bath thermometer and a pram blanket. These are all things I have found extremely useful.

Rachel, 20mth girl + 1 on the way

Try to include some things for MUM too. We all like to relax, especially after having a baby, but there is such little time to do this. I was given a basket that contained, soap, powder, bubble bath, bath oils, washer, scrub etc, and it was a godsend. Even having a shower was an enjoyable experience and gave me a few minutes of relaxtion that was greatly appreciated.

Mother of 3, Qld

Thanks for your ideas, I am going to incorporate all of them. Keep them coming.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

I cant beleive how many i go through, its amazing!
I think that when i have my next one, if people ask me what do i need, i'll be telling them BABY WIPES!

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)

How could I forget them - I use them for everything - even cleaning up spills on the floor.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

I just thought of another thing - a photo frame with MY DADDY on it - sometimes the Dads get a little bit overlooked too.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

I received a similar basket from my friend and I valued the washable breastpads and there was this shower bag for bubs that I find invaluable as all his stuff is in the one spot. I think you get them from target.
The photo frame is a good one!
Have you seen those shirts that you can buy that says on the front "I love my daddy" and on the back it says "And my daddy loves me".
I am going to go and get one for Talana. You can get them to say mummy too, i think they are just adorable!
I think you can get them from Target.

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)

My boys are bottle fed, so I did not even think about the breastpads - good idea - will incorporate that one. I think a few novelty items like I love my Mum/Dad cup/t-shirt/frame would be good too.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

singlets, summer suits, hat mittens booties, huggies nappies and wipes, photo album, photo frames, films, disposable camera, baby brush, teddy, blankets, baby book (either names) or (one for all the details about the birth), coat hangers, dummies, bottles, colic stuff (lots of brands that relieve this), panadol, nappy rash cream, cant think of anything else.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

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