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Does anyone else have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome? Lock Rss

I was diagnosed at 22. I stopped using contraception then and have now had 2 boys (I'm 30).
I have to chart for months before I fall pregnant. I chart my cycle and temperature every day.
I am trying to fall pregnant again now.
Does anyone else have PCOS?

mum of 3

Hi Bigmama

I have only recently been diagnosed with PCOS, after having two children with no difficulties (the first one I fell pregnant straight off the pill and number two took four months). I went onto the Implanon contraceptive implant and it seemed to flair up my PCOS which had never been picked up at numerous scans I have had for other reasons. I then decided to try naturally for baby number three before they put me onto fertility drugs, and fell pregnant straight off the pill again!!

So it would appear that I am not your classic case and I am very confused, but during the time that I thought I may not be able to have any more children I was very upset. I really feel for you and what you have to go through, and hope with my heart that you are able to have another child. My cousin also has PCOS and does not ovulate at all. She managed to have one child on IVF and now after 10 years on IVF they have given up their hopes of another child. They are just too drained emotionally and financially !!

Are you on Fertility drugs or anything ?
How did you come to think you may have problems at age 22 ? Sorry for the questions, but I didn't have any of the classic signs so I am more than interested in getting some info about it.

All the very best

Carmel,Vic, 2 and counting...

Hi Carmel

The reason why they picked up on it when I was 22 was because I had an ultrasound to scan my ovaries since I had been lightly bleeding for 6 months. They diagnosed me then. At that time I stopped all contraception immediately. The Drs said to me I would definitely have to go on fertility drugs and still only have a slim chance.
Before that I had always joked about ‘what if I am using contraception and I don’t need it’.
Then (years later) the day before my wedding I did a test and found out that I was pregnant! We were over the moon. It was a relief for me because I was worried I couldn’t give my husband any children. It was funny because I thought I felt sick before the wedding because I was nervous. The day after my wedding I started vomiting. Great timing.
I now have 2 boys (and I had one miscarriage). I am hoping to fall pregnant soon.
I have never used fertility drugs. I have been charting my ovulation for years. After I had the 1st baby my body seemed to kick into gear a bit.
Thankyou for responding. I was beginning to think I was the only one.
How old are your kids?
My email is [email protected]

mum of 3

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