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Is it safe to use a second hand matress? Lock Rss

Hi all,
Well, my concern is this.
I would like to know if anyone has used or is planning to use a second hand matress on their cot?
I have been given a matress that is like new, only about 6 months old but am very worried about using it as I have been told that using a second hand matress increases the risk of SIDS. I am deffinately buying a new bassinette matress, but I'm just not sure if I need to buy a new cot matress. Of course I dont want to cause my baby any harm, and will buy a new matress if necesary, but it seems like such a waste to get rid of a perfectly good matress. I will appreciate any replies, comments or feelings you may have on this topic.

Mum 2 a little monster Boy! 02/07/04

Hi, i just read your post and from what i have read in the leaflets given to me from the SIDS association you should always use a brand new cot mattress.
My b/f first son died of sids at 9 weeks and even though it wasnt determined that it was the mattress, you just can't be too careful.
Aother thing, make sure when you buy a new one that it is a foam one because it has now been said that the plastic ones are a major cause of sids.
I hope i've helped, if you want to chat my email address is [email protected]

mum to nicholas (05/12/02)

Hi There,

I am sure a thousand mum's will jump on top of me for this but my daughter now 13 months old slept on a second hand / near new cot mattress and infact still is. From 4 months of age she has slept on this mattress. I knew where it came from, who had used it before me and gave it a good clean and airing bfore I ever used it. I think that it is important to follow the SIDS guidelines, but where do we draw the line? Can all mum's out there honestly say they used a brand new mattress? And what about mums with more than one child? Did they buy a new mattress for each child? I think the main concerns for secondhand mattresses is a hygeine issue. But don't take my actions as something you should do. I am just one mum sharing her opinion. I have my 2nd bub due in July 04 and I plan to use the same cot and mattress.

You must do what feels right to you.

Michelle smile
I agree with Michelle. Where do we draw the line? I have 3 kids. They all slept on the same mattress, (my 9 month old still is). This mattress was given to me by my mum. My younger brother and sister used it to, so it has now gone through 5 kids. I knew where it had came from and who used it. I still cleaned and aired it out before each of my kids used it, but I can't see the point of purchasing a new mattress each time a baby is born. I have even used the same cradle mattress for each of my children and yes it is the same one my brother and sister used to. Like Michelle, I am not going against the guidelines of SIDS, but I do know a couple who lost their 6 week old daughter to SIDS, and my husband has a cousin who also lost her baby to SIDS. Both these babies were sleeping on brand new mattresses and brand new cots/cradles, so I don't think the age of the mattress has anything to do with it. But that is just my opinion too.

Mother of 3, Qld

I was just wondering if you guys can give me some tips on the best way to clean the cot mattress, as I have a second hand one (from a second hand store) so don't know the origin of it - it's in great condition and doesn't have any weird smells gasp) so I'm not worried about using it I just have no clue how to clean it.

Thanks guys


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi Steph,
If it is a plain foam mattress, you can hose it with a high presure hose, then allow to dry in the sun, or you can steam clean it. If it is an inner spring mattress, (like mine), vaccume it, wipe it over with a damp cloth, leave it in the sun for a day, then vaccume it again. Be sure to do this on both sides. I was told you can steam clean them, but I would be a bit worried about the centre staying damp, then causing mildew, which isn't good for asmatics. Hope this helps.

Mother of 3, Qld

I agree with Stephanie. How do you clean a mattress? I would use the same mattress with my second. But thats because I know where its been. I would buy a new bassinette matress though. Theyre only $20.

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Hi Stephanie,

I came back to this post to see if I had been crusified by do-gooders and was pleasantly surpised smile

Well in answer to your question about cleaning cots and matresses. With the cot I just wiped it down with diluted disinfectant and then rinsed with clean water and allowed to air dry. With the mattress I sprayed it lightly with the same diluted disinfectant (50% disinfectant household grade and 50% water mixed in a spray bottle) and left it outside in the sun to air out and dry. The sun kills a lot of germs, so choose a nice sunny day (and make sure no pets can get it - I put mine up on top of my clothes line, I have a flat fold out one) after the matress was entirely aired and dry I ran the vaccumm cleaner over it. The end result was a fresh clean mattress. Now days I still do this routine about every 6 months. My daughter is 13 months and going strong!

Goodluck with your secondhand goods smile

Michelle smile
Hiya Butaflie_dreamer, we have a 10 mth old baby girl and am preggies again(baby due in May). I was given a cot by my hubby's sister which like yours was barely used. I cleaned it out and used it for our bubby, no problems. The thing with s.i.d.s is this, make sure you have fresh air in bubby's room ie no smoking, leave a window open, make sure bubby's sheets are tight so they can't pull them up to and cover mouth and last make sure bubby is not to hot/cold. Our bub was born 3mths prem and we were told these things by 2 hospitals as our bubby slept on her tummy which was a big no no for s.i.d.s hehe ummm she's still alive and well and sleeping in her 2nd hand cot grin hope this helps you some.

Caitlin 19mths, Kiani 4mths.

I was told to never use a 2nd hand matress but my bassinet one was near new so I aired it and used it anyway. If/when we have more kids, I wouldn't look at changing it each time as a principle.
In regards to SIDS, how soft is the matress? It should be firm, so baby won't burrow his/her head in it and not be able to breathe.
i see no difference in a second hand or a new mattress i think its just prefferance. i would not put baby on a really soft one i would not use one thats grossly dirty or one you cant clean. to stop baby rolling over use a baby rollover stopper. like a special thing they use... cant remember what its called.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

i bought a 2nd hand cot and matress 4 my 2nd baby i just gave the mattress a good wipe down and spyeyed wuth fabric refreshener it was fine

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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