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hello im a 22 yr old mum with a 14 mth old baby girl. my partner and i are thinking about having a second baby and would like to hear from anyone who has a thought on this issue.

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

Hi bubataz,

I have a 13 month old daughter and am 12 weeks pregnant with my second baby. I am due to have this baby in July 04. This means my daughter and her sibling will be 19 months apart. I don't expect it to be easy, but to me it will be worth it. I want my children to grow up close so they can share things.

I always wanted my children to be close in age and have been lucky that it turned out this way. I guess as well as your wants, most people would tell you to weigh up the financial aspects as well. I mean chances are I am going to have 2 in nappies, unless I start to toilet train my daughter early. So you need to know if you can afford the financial aspaect of 2 and if you can cope with 2 young ones.

Whatever you decide just remember there are a lot of mums out there with 2 or babies close together and they manange. Goodluck smile

Hi bubataz,
I say if it is what you and your partner want, then go for it. My first child was 19 months when my husband and I decided to try for our second. Our son was 20 months when I fell pregnant. There is a 2 year 5 months gap between them, and I think this is a great age gap - for us. I was 19 when I had my first child, and I wouldn't change a thing. Go for it!!!

Mother of 3, Qld


I have 5month old twin boys and believe it or not am contemplating having another (1 or 2). I am 36 this year, so time is not on my side. My theory is that you can wait until your child is older, gain some of your freedom back and then start all over again with a new baby, or if you are living the lifestyle of nappies, no sleep, feeding etc then live it all at once. As I said only my theory, I might have a different theory if I was younger!!!

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

gday thanks for your reply!

nice to hear from you, i would be so excited to be in your position. i always wanted my children young and close together so if i got the first thing right hopefuly the rest will follow!! i like to believe that how ever tired or behind in anything you are there is always tomorrow and always someone who has been there before thank you again

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

hello twin mum,
always nice to hear all theorys. i do agree with gaining your freedom back area but i am leaning towards the (with luck) lifestyle of getting nappies,no sleep thing out the way sooner rather than later. remember i said with luck bye and thank you again.

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

i have a 17month old and am expecting my second on the 16 march. there will be a 20 month gap between the two.

there is the issue of nappies for two, and then there's also the issue of them getting along. it's already helping my son be more into doing things himself and "helping" mummy so i hope the whole thing will help him be more independant, but not grow up too quickly lol.

The choice is really yours to make. we thought of it in practical tersm as well, in that they would be finishing school within close range of each other, which is good of we send them private and only being young myself now, we would be early forties when they are 20 so we won't be too old to still enjoy our own time together.

i came from a family of six and the closest age gap is three years. i dont have a good relationship with my siblings and we didn't want the same experience for our kids.

see ya
I am 22 have a 1 y/o daughter and i am currently 29wks due 1st April with another girl, which means there will be a gap of 15 months, but i like the idea of them having someone close in age when they are older, going through school, teenage years, boys, pregnancies etc.
Neither pregnancy was planned but i wouldn't change a thing, i know it is going to be hard but i am up for the challenge.
You will know if you are ready so it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Good luck.
hello i am a 22 yr old mum with a 19 month old daughter. my partner and i have been trying for 13 months now i hope it happens soon. we wanted them really close together. oh well. it will happen when its meant to i spose.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

hi everyone
thank you all very much for your reply!!! i would love to hear more of how your days are unfolding. if anyone is interested it would be good to talk on yahoo messager so its more one on one chat. if not its great to read your messages here. once again great to hear from you all!!!

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

Hi everyone,
My son is 11 months and Im hoping to be pregnant by his birthday!!
I loved the experience so much I just want to relive it. And still love it.

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Good on you Michelle!! That's what we need... enthusiastic mum's. Having baby number 2 will be a dream come true for me. 13 weeks pregnant with my second and dancing on air!!

Goodluck with conceiving smile

Michelle (too)
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