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  5. has anyone had natual birth after two c sections?

has anyone had natual birth after two c sections? Rss

With my daughter I had a emercey c secion after 16 hours of labour and with my son They thought he was a 10 pounder when he was only 7 pound 13! My question is there has anyone out there gone on to have a natual birth with their third? If so how did it go and do u have to plain I'm not preggies yet but just had to ask!

Emma 31/7/03, Daniel 11/1/06

I would be interested to hear this too, as I was told after 2 C-Sections it was too high of a risk to go natural, for myself I had to have a 3rd CS anyway due to high blood pressure problems but I know a few friends that also had to have a 3rd CS as they were told they could not risk going natural. So yeah I wonder if anyone out there has had a natural after 2 C-Sections maybe some Obs do it not sure.

thanks for that! Such a pain as I've always wanted a natural birth!

Emma 31/7/03, Daniel 11/1/06


I have had two c-sections, one an emergency due to not progressing and baby being 11lb 3oz and the other planned due to thinking was having another big baby who turned out 8lb 10oz!

I was told by the doctor that after two c-sections that you couldn't have a natural, too risky to mum and baby. Apprantly you could rupture you scar tissue or whatever it is, ain't too sure.

We are planning on having a third and unfortunaltly it is another c-section for me, would love a natural, but don't wont to risk my life as well as the babies.

Would love to hear if anyone has had a natural though.


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