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Hi everyone,
For the past two generations on the maternal side of my family, twins have been conceived at 29 years of age. I am sure that this is coincidental but I would love to hear of others experiences & thoughts. I have a singleton & am hoping to conceive in the next 18 months or so ( I will be 29).
Hi Anniesmum

I too have twins in my family, on both the maternal and paternal sides. I don't know how true this is but I heard that they skip a generation, which may be the case because my Nanna had 16 children [the first and last pregnancies were twins] and my other Nanna had a twin pregnancy as well. None of their children had twins, but my younger sister has a set of twin boys, and I myself may be having twins too; the thought however scares me silly. I'm 29 at the moment so who knows what may happen? I already have three children so a set of twins isn't really what I'm hoping for, but then, what you want and what you get are often two very different things.

Amanda, Sydney, baby # 4

Non-identical twins appears to run in both sides of my family - every second generation on my mothers side (my generation is the next one apparently).

On my fathers side, my grandmother had girl-boy twins and the girl twin had non-identical twin girls!

I'm pregnant for the first time so eagerly anticipating that scan!


Hi Amanda & Tarns,

Thank-you for your replies! I also have twins running on both sides of my family & on both sides of the family on my husbands side. They are a mixture of identical & fraternal twins. I am unsure of the age (of the mother at conception) on my husbands side of the family.

I would love to hear when you find out if you are expecting twins or not!
Best wishes,
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