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god I hate the waiting. I am day 28 today so only another maybe 6 day before AF, if she does not arrive I will test on day 35. Sadly showing no signs of being preggie, don't even know if I ovulated.
How is everyone else going any signs?

Yes i hear you!!!

Only 2 more days til AF due, i feel like i have waited for ever. I have done a couple of HPT & still negative. I heard that you could get a positive result up to 7 days before AF due, but not this time. Im just gonna wait now & see, like i said only 2 more days to go.

I fell straight away with both my 2 children so im hopeing that i dont have to wait too long this time. The waiting is killing me. I have had a few preggers signs, but maybe its all in my head & im just imagining it!!!

Hope you get good news soon, good luck......

DS 5, DD3, bubby #3 due 25 Jan 08

hi girls yes i am in the ttw well almost at the end af is due friday i also have no sing of being pregnant lets just wait and hope
Bugger Af arrived early this month day 30, last month it was 35. I'm off to buy a nice bottle of bubbles since I can.
best of luck 2 you all in the ttw.


I am really sorry to hear your news.

I am still awaiting my AF, its due today still no sign of it coming. Although today i was doing the shopping & have been having severe cramping in my abdoman, had to cut shopping trip short (which i never do). I took a HPT this morning & got BFN. So who knows, maybe its too early to tell.

Have some bubbles for me!!!

DS 5, DD3, bubby #3 due 25 Jan 08

Day 28 is tomorrow for me & i am usually having signs of AF by now, but I haven't had any signs ie:dull pain, smelly (sorry)& needing sugar fixes.
I am so impatient I want to do a HPT now!!!!! But I'd better wait at least a week more.

PLEASE AF stay away!!!!!!!!!!
Hi girls,

I took a HPT this afternoon & i got my BFP, Yippee!!! I am so excited. It is child #3 for me. My baby will be due 26 Jan 08. My AF was due today, but i just couldnt wait any longer the suspense was killing me. My husband is over the moon, he has always wanted 3 kids.

Good luck to you all in your HPT to come....

Yippee !!!

DS 5, DD3, bubby #3 due 25 Jan 08

Fantastic news, get hubby to take you out for a nice luch to celebrate.

i think i might just do that, all i need now is a babysitter for the 2 & 4 year old.

A quick question though, did you find it hard going from 2 children to 3 children or did it not have much impact at all?

DS 5, DD3, bubby #3 due 25 Jan 08

I had 2 girls first and yes #3 (boy)did my head in. Matthew was 6 weeks early, 1st daughter had just started school (4th day & matt arrived), hubbie had just started his own bussines. The girls were so easy but matt was shocking once he could walk he threw everthing out the cat door ,climbed, and just got into everthing,I b/feed #1 daughter 1 week, #2 daughter 4mths and matthew 4years almost to the day ,he was a shocking sleeper and was up 4-5 times a night. I think thats what made me think "thats it no more", but today he is now 4 1/2 and he lovely. I do think boys are harder but give the BEST cuddies. Why am I going for #4....they will all be at school and miss 10 & miss 8(by the time babe arrives) will be able to help out heaps, may need abigger house and car LOL

CONGRATULATIONS!!! mummylovesya.....

What a Buzz....

Fingers crossed for everyone else
thanks for your kind words & advice. Yes my 4 year old boy goes to kindergarten in jan 08 & my 2 year old girl will be in preschool 3 days a week from jan 08 so lets hope it wont be too bad. I did originally want 3 kids, 2 years apart, but i changed my mind after #2. I think my sanity is more important & like they say "a happy wife / mummy is a happy life"..........

DS 5, DD3, bubby #3 due 25 Jan 08

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