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hey i was just wondering if its harder 2 fall pregnant 2nd time around me n my partner have been trying 4 about 2 months now and no luck yet is there something we r doing wrong? it breaks my heart everytime we r not!!but yeh if u got ne ideas to help me out you can msg back to this or my email address is [email protected] thanx girls
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I found it harder, but my daughter has a different father.

We were ttc for 10 months then i fell and had a m/c... it took another 3 months after that and i have finally conceived. i just hope this one sticks!!

Goodluck with it all... Have you tried using ovulation predictor kits? I tried them and it worked both times i fell.


Hi Bec..

Just a question about the ovulation predictor kits... do you know wat it means if the test line isn't quite as dark as the control line?? i tested from day 15 to 19 finishing yesterday and the line was darker on day 16 and 18 so am a little confused altho i feel different but trying to keep myself calm and not get my hopes up too much

any idea's on this would be appreciated

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If the line isnt as dark as the control line, it means you arent necessarily ovulating. the lines have to be the same colour and then it means you should bd for the next few days.



Hi, I found it extremely hard to fall pregnant second time around. With my first it only took the first month of trying to conceive but with this pregnancy it took nearly two years.
I am still with the same man and nothing was different second time around except i had gained weight. Everyone told me not to think about it(which i resented everytime someone said it) but in the end it worked. I got super busy over christmas and new year and had no time to think, and lo and behold i found out i was pregnant in march and due in October. I hope everything goes well for you, good luck i will keep my fingers crossed for you.
Thanx girls for all your help i will keep you up to date with how things go
just an update if ne 1 is intrested i am now 4 days late so i thought i would take a pregnancy test (couldnt wait ne longer) and it came up positive smile i will take another 1 ina few days just 2 make sure
With our 1st we fell pregnant first time, first month. With our 2nd it took 5 months. It was such an emotional rollercoaster because it happened so easy the first time I thought it would be the same. I am such a planner and organiser and it just didn't happen when I thought it would. I did heaps of pregnancy tests, I had late periods (9-10 days late) 3 out of the 5 months and in the end I just had to give in and say it will happen when it happens and relax about the whole thing. I also think you are more tired because you have one child and the opportunities to 'do it' at the right time of the month are more limited. Keep trying it will happen.

Nic, ACT, 2 beautiful girls & pregnant again!

Don't know if this works for everyone, but falling pregnant the 2nd time around is definitely harder this time around. I have one son (nearly four) and have been trying since he was about 18 months (with a couple of breaks - trying to get my head in a better frame of positive thinking - hope that makes sense). First pregnancy - conceived after four months of trying then miscarried, 2nd pregnancy (resulting in our son), it took 10-11 months after the miscarriage. Now this time - 2.5 years roughly (minus a few months on 2 occasions). We've just kinda started trying again officially after the 2nd "break".

James' Mum

hi there, my sister told me it took her 12 months to conceive her second dh and i will start trying for our second from about november.i would like to start now actually but i had a c-section with my first and i read a story about a woman who conceived again only 5 months post a c-section and her whole uterus abrupted in and mother survived luckily but it was enough to scare me into taking doctor advise and waiting as close to a year as only took me the first month to conceive my first, and im hoping it doesnt take long for my second.i hate feeling like im in a hurry but my biological maternal age seems to have hit the accelerator.i will be nearer to 38yrs by the time i can ttc again and if it takes 12 months thats getting closer to the 40yr mark than the middle 30s!
anyway cant do anything about it but just breathe and relax, and let nature take its course and at the end of the day, i do have my beautiful little girl already.

mum to 1 toddler girl & 1 baby boy


It took 18 months to conceive the first time around, and one go this time.... what a nice suprise!

Its a mystery to me smile

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