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Hi Everyone

I have been ttc #2 and have been doing this for nearly 2 yrs and no luck first time it took us a yr

anyway i have my ups and down about not being so lucky to fall preg but why do family members always say at least u have one child

i love her to bits but i would love to give her a sibling. does any one else have these comments given to them. and always at the wrong time of the month

Hi Bobsim
I have had comments too. We have been ttc'ing #2 for 2 years as well and had the comments of 'at least you have one" or "just relax it will happen" or similar. Frustrating, to say the least, but what can you do?
Good luck with TTC'ing - fingers crossed for some success for you.

James' Mum

Hi there bobsim,

I don't know what its like to struggle to conceive, but I have worn the brunt of crazy, bad taste, and some down right rude commnets from family memebers.

Our first wonderful DD died last year, while its a very different siutatino from your situation, we also got some really off comments.

Like my sil telling my dh, that he was a father for a short time... (hello, he will always be her father!) and my FIL saying some downright off comments about my family all based around the time she died, and her funeral...anyway, I wont start to rant and rave.. i'll go on forever!! lol

What you need to think about, is that the comments that are being made reflect the person who is making them. in my situation, its my SIL's problem, not mine, or my DH's. Does that make sence...

Yeah there are people out there who can't have any children, but its not the siutation you are in, and they have no right to try and make you feel guilty about wanting to have another bub. Of course i'm sure you have a great deal of sympathy for people out there who can't conceive at all. But the end of the day, thats not the siutation you are in, and you are entitled to feel and do what you need to, to get over your hurdle...

Everytime someone says something narky, just say, "well thats your opinion"... or "I don't appreciate that" or the good old, "didn't your mother teach you, if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all".. speak up and let them know you don't appreciate the comments, then they will watch what they say around you, and they might actualy be able to see how much silly comments effect us...

Sorry for war and peace... I needed a bit of a ride on my high horse! lol Baby dust to you, I hope you hit the jackpot soon!

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