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Going from 2 children to 3. Lock Rss

HI, I have 2 children a girl 7 and a boy just turned 4. We are planning a 3rd pregnancy hopefully this year. I was wondering if there are any Mum/Dad's out there that could give me some insite into life with 3 children. I have heard stories about the middle child syndrome and other's saying that once the adults are out-numbered you are in big trouble. What is everyone's idea's on this?.
Thank's for your time in reading my post.
Happy parenting to you all, Danielle

Danielle, Qld.

Although i can't help you from a parents point of view, since i only have 1 child, i can tell you what its like from the childs side. I am the middle child of 5 with 2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers. Although sometimes i did feel a little left out i couldn't imagine having grown up with a smaller family. I think that as long as you let all your children know that they are loved equally, there should be no problem.

Mother of Reece - 24/01/03

I have 3 boys all under 3 ( and no there aren't any twins! ). It is hard work but lots of fun, yours are older than mine so it will be different for you. i just read yesterday that boys from bigger families tend to be more caring as there are others to look out for and are more likely to help another youngster who has hurt himself. i have 2 sisters but there are large gaps in our ages, my husband is one of 5 boys so we all know about the "middle child" syndrome! in a way its good, because you can either join in with the younger ones or the older ones! good luck.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi Danielle, I only have one child but have one older sister , two older brothers and a younger one. Five kids, all within a year of each other.
I asked my mother this question on how did she cope with having all of us and so close together. Mum replied, First was easy and baby cried quite a bit, second was much harder and baby cried quite a lot and then almost went insane of having the third baby, three screaming children. But yet, I was born, then my baby brother, so go figure..? Yes it was very hard, I was told, but mum coped very well, kept the family together.
You can do it, just keep a level head about it all.
Best wishes on the start of a larger family.
Hello I'm also in the process Of trying for a number three. I already have two boys so I'm trying to have a little girl.I'm hoping that I won't be to disaapointed if I have another boy. The thought of having three boys scares me alot as boys tend to be very loud and outgoing and don't have no fear at all.I'm scared that I will end up in theraphy because of all the stress but I guess once the number three is here then we will learn to cope and just adjsut. So goodluck will the concieving and the new life that it will give you.
im due in sept with my third 6 wks after my second bub turns one my first is five so i got an able keen helper! as i have 2 girls im rapt to be having a boy, i dont think middle child syndrome will be a problem as i am a middle child (2 bros) and as i am a single mum im already outnumbered (hehehe) altho dont feel outnumbered, i rekon go for it, your 2 children are old enough now to know your ground rules etc and to even help out.

good luck
danielle (yes thats my name 2) W.A
Jode, im the same as you. I too have two beautiful boys and am TTC #3 a girl at the moment. Im also hoping that i wont be dissapointed if its not even though i know in my heart i will love it the same as my boys, its hard when i know this will be our last baby and have always wanted a girl even when i was little. Good luck on TTC your pink. Im currently in the TWW. Are you doing anything different to try and help you get your pink?? im taking cranberry tablets & juice, calcium and magnesium tablets, folate and having lots of dairy plus the stopping of Bding 2 days before OV although we slipped up this month and did it on day of Ov so im a bit worried there :0

I so far have 3 children aged 7, 4 and 20mths soon I'll be having my 4th. But I found when I went from 2 children to 3 children we all adjusted very well, I found it so much easier than going from 1 to 2 children that was alot harder.
So far there has been no Middle Child problem with my 3 kids maybe later on there might have been but we always knew we wanted 4 kids to even it all out so I'm now having my 4th in late August.
You have good ages between your children so I'm sure they will all adjust really well, goodluckxx

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