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I'm about to join the 2 under 2 club!!! Lock Rss

Congrats, our daughter is 19 months and I'm 36 weeks pregnant. So here's to the 2 under 2 club!!!
By the way, how are all of you in the club battling the summer heat??? Thank heavens for air conditioning, especially for a Sydney summer day like we had yesterday - 37 degrees!!!!

Angela, NSW

Hi Mishka,

I am doing really good. I had an ultrasound this week and saw the beginnings of our baby 1.9cm long with a strong healthy heart beat... which of course is great news and the best Christmas present ever!

When number 2 comes along, my daughter who will be 19 months will have her stroller and the new baby will have the pram. ( I am lucky in that my husband loves to push the pram and stroller, and is a very hands on helpful dad).

My baby car seat is a birth to 18 months one, so just before the new baby is born our big girl will "graduate" to a booster seat. So that wont be a problem for us.

The only one I haven't quite got figured is the cot and bed set up once the new baby comes???

I look forward to hear how you are going with trying to conceive. Enjoy Christmas and the new year, all the best Michelle
Hi Angela,

Thanks for the congrats smile
I am doing okay with the heat, I live in ever suuny Qld and it has been rather hot for about 4 days straight. Not the best weather to be tired and feeling nausea in. I am 9 weeks pregnant and just had an ultrasound to make sure everything is okay. We saw a nice strong heart beat... can't beat that for a Christmas present!

How are you coping at 36 weeks with a 19 month old? I'd love to know more. What can I expect in the months to come???

Michelle smile
Hi Maddychelle,
Glad to hear that your both doing well.
I'd love to have a 22 month gap between my kids max. Thats why all the questions. I like to be a very organised person!
So what if you go out without someone to push another pram for you what will you do? I assume
that when your second is still small enough you could use a sling?
You cleared up my question about is a 19 month old big enough for a booster seat.
Ive been thinking to get a bassinette or cradle for a few months before moving one into a cot and one into a bed. Ive heard you can get a rail from target. So they cant fall out.
Hope to hear from you soon. Merry Christmas!

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Hi Maddychelle. Great to hear about the heartbeat! Hope you had a good Xmas. I"m finding it harder to cope with as my due date nears, as I have high blood pressure (since 16 wks) and the hospital has just doubled the medication I've been on since then. I'm lucky to have a wonderful husband who cooks, hangs out washing and does the heavy stuff and loves being with our 19 m/o daughter (who sleeps all night in her bed and has a nap for 2 hrs after lunch!). So in that regard it's easier. But when she's awake and he's at work, boy oh boy! What I'm feeling and what you may expect may be different, but lately I've had a fair bit of lower backache at nite (like period cramps, especially when bubs moves) and am having more difficulty sleeping as I have to find a comfy position to sleep in (this is partly overcome by having a cushion under my belly). I also cannot be on my feet for long (max. 5 mins) before they ache. You may be more fortunate, as you're having a winter baby (?). Good luck!

Angela, NSW

Hi Mishka,

Good to hear from you again. Myself and "Baby Bean" as I am now affectionatley refering to the bub (after hearing another mum who used the same term) are both good. I felt great on Christmas Day, it was like "Baby Bean" was giving me the day off, but the next day I was hit with terrible morning sickness, I guess "baby bean" didn't want me to forget who was boss. You ask a lot of questions and I am very happy to answer them, but remember I don't actually have the 2 babies yet, Just a very active 12 month old daughter and my "Baby Bean" (2cm long!).

You actually gave me an idea, the one about a sling and being able to push the stroller - now that is clever thinking.

As for the bed / cot dilema... at this stage I think that "Baby Bean" will sleep in the pram (with a bassinet liner), like my daughter did for the first 3 months - the cot was too big and scarey and she would not settle in it, she felt safe and secure in the pram beside my bed and it made it easy for me with the night feeds. My daughter will be about 22 - 23 months when I want to introduce her to the big bed. (I think that is how I will do it?) But I will just go with the flow.

I've thought about those bed rails, and I've also thought about just having a single matress on the floor to start with, that way if my daughter rolls out she wont fall far... What do you think???

I am pretty sure unless your child is particularly small that 19 months will be fine to move to a car booster seat. My daughter acts like a confident little lady at the ripe old age of 12 months so I can't see us having too many problems. She loves to do stuff like a big girl now.

I think that "Baby Bean" Is going to be a boy... I just wanted to add that. I could be wrong, but it will be interesting to look back and see if I was wrong or right so early (9 weeks) into the pregnancy. My husband will be exstatic if it is a boy. Personally I'd like another girl - but will be happy no matter what the sex is.

HAPPY NEW YEAR... Hope to hear from you again soon, Michelle
Hi Michelle,

I have learnt that you have to be very organised and set guidelines. Have your rules and stick to them. My youngest girl always goes to sleep at the the same times everyday, there is no room for question she gets put down at the same time. Other than that I just have set times for doing things. A set time for lunch (when I get to have five minutes rest), a set time for dinner, bath, bed, breakfast etc etc. I also do alot of things while they are asleep like the housework etc so I can play with them while they are up. Just basically organising your time.

You are lucky you only have one child to contend with for now.

QLD DD 2/02 DD 3/03 DD 2/05 Jack 23/3/07

Hi Maddychelle, Glad to hear your both doing well. "Baby Bean" How gorgeous! So you feel Its a boy ? Is that because you feel different this pregnancy? I had terrible morning sickness with Jack I just hope that doesnt happen again and having to look after a toddler. How do you do it?

I think matress on the floor is a good idea! For a while anyway.
Isnt it funny how women always want girls, and men want little boys! But in the end your happy to just have a healthy baby!
Id love to have a girl so I could buy her pink dresses! I also have 2 nephews! We could do with some girls in the family.
Best wishes for the New Year!
Talk to you soon...

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Hi Mishka (or should I call you Michelle?),
I just realised silly me. I am Michelle too. This could get confusing. I come back to this post every few days and am always happy to see a reply from you. All is well with myself and baby bean. No more morning sickness since Boxing Day... thankfully. New years eve will be the next hurdle to get through... we are going to a BBQ with friends and I hope not to be sick for that. I'm 10 weeks now and feeling a lot better about the pregnancy. 30 weeks and counting down...

I'm not sure what makes me think this baby is a boy, just call it mother's instinct at this stage. This pregnancy is a lot different from my daughter at this early point. I had a lot more throwing up with my daughter and this time I have a lot more nausea, but only sparatic events of throwing up, about twice a week. I feel a lot less tired now. I think my body is adjusting to the pregnancy.

My beautiful daughter has been so good, helping mummy and keeping herself busy with toys when I need a little break. The only dilema is dinner time, she has become increasing fussy and won't eat anything I cook her. Lastnight dinner ended up being a cheese stick and vegemite on toast.

I have 2 nephews as well and my sister in law is due to give birth on 4th Jan 04, we don't know the sex yet. But my daughter was the first girl on both sides of the family... so that was pretty special. I guess I am fonder of having girls because I lost my mum when I was a little girl and would like to have a mother-daughter relatioship like the one I missed out on.

Anyway... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! All the best for 2004.
Look forward to hearing from you soon. Michelle smile
Hi Michelle! Just on the bed or cot situation! I bought a port-a-cot and it was the best thing as I also bought the bassinette attachment for my daughter! It was the best thing as I can keep her in my room and when she gets bigger I can just take out the bassinette attachment and she can still use the port-a-cot! I was going to buy a bassinette but when I found this other attachment it ended up being cheaper and more convienient! Just thought I would let you know!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi Michelle,
You can continue to call me Mishka if you want thats always been my nickname for some weird reason. I just love talking to other mums, getting ideas and just talking to other people that are in the same situation and are interested in what your talking about. You seem to really love being a mum.
As I do too. But I cant wait to get pregnant again! Its hard work but thats what I love to do...
Its good to hear that your feeling a bit better.
Have you put on any weight yet?
Look forward to hearing from you. Michelle.

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03


Thanks for that info. Where did you buy it from??? Would love to know more.

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