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I'm about to join the 2 under 2 club!!! Rss

Hi Mishka (Michelle),

You asked have I put on any weight? Well under normal circumstances if you asked a woman that question, she would run screaming in the other direction. As soon as we are pregnant we are happy to talk a little weight gain. To answer your question, I don't actually know. I haven't weighed myself recently. All I do know is with my last pregnancy I was "All Baby" I gained very little weight besides the baby itself. After I gave birth I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight 2 days later. But one thing is for sure my bust is getting bigger, a real pain for most of my tops and dresses and don't fit me now. And My waist has expanded a little too. My jeans are a real squeeze now!! I bought a product called "Belly Belt" with my first pregnancy, have you heard of it? It expands your normal pants and skirts so you can continue wearing them, if they have a button and zipper. It is just about to come in handy again.

God, I hate maternity clothes!!! Most of then are so UGLY or so damned EXPENSIVE. I don't want to have to put a second mortgage on my house just so I can look nice while I waddle. And what is with materniy bras??? I can only find them in skin tone, black and white? What about all the other lovely colours out there? Have you seen any nice coloured maternity bras??

Look forward to hearing from you again soon,

Michelle smile
Hi Michelle,
how lucky are you to have lost all your baby weight after two days, I'm still 1 kilo over what I was.
The other day I was looking at Jacks health record book, and found my obstetrics card, my first record was at 17 weeks and I had only put on a kilo and a half-- that was probably because I was spewing all the time. Go the belly belt!!! I wouldnt have been able to wear my work uniform otherwise! Last pregnancy I had hardly any maternity clothes, Mind you I only had 1 day off a week so I didnt need much. But this time I got heaps of friends who said I can borrow their maternity clothes when I get pregnant. Im trying now! This time I would like to buy a few outfits just to make myself feel better.
Ive had my eyes open for maternity bras for quite some time now. I dont no where you live but Ive found some bras in funky colours in best and less. But Im not sure what there like on.
Im going to be so clucky, my friend was being induced last night so I should get a phone call soon.
Take care... Michelle

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Always good to hear from you Mishka!!!

Good luck with trying to conceive! I have my fingers and toes crossed for you. Please keep me informed.

I too only had a few maternity clothes last time and found it depressig. I'd like to get a few new bits this time round. Having a winter baby, I think is going to be easier. Pants and tops are easier to find than dresses, well where I am in South East Qld.

I will check our Best and Less store for bras, never thought to try there, but we have a store in town. I'll let you know how I go.

It is so hot here at the moment! It is making me feel rather sickly, and just blahhh. I have a doctors appointment on Monday, time for a weigh in, blood pressure check and get my blood test results back... fun, fun, fun. I'm just not feeling very enthusiastic in this heat. I feel for all those expecting mum's who are heavily pregnant right now.

Not much else to tell at the moment, look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Michelle smile smile
Hi again,
Hope your both doing well. Today I had to go to physio. I have been on the waiting list for a while at the hospital where I had Jackson. From the 3rd month of pregnancy I developed sciatica. Its mostly bad when Im in bed trying to roll over. Or when Im sitting on the couch in a slouching comfy position, and then try to move. Jack is nearly 11 months and I still have it. After physio it is so much worse. Like constantely!! She did an ultrasound treatment to reduce inflamationand showed me some excercises. Maybe it has to get worse before it gets better? Or maybe she stuffed it up even more...
Hope you can find the bras Im talking about.
Qld is such a beautiful place. My sister is actually going again for a holiday in a week or so. My dad lives in Rainbow beach. Are you near there?
Hope all your results are good.
Take care, Mishka.

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Hello Mishka,

All is good here and it has finally cooled down a bit here... thankfully. I don't know where Rainbow beach is, but I am inland 2 1/2 hours away from the coast driving.

Haven't been to Best and Less yet or the doctors, but will keep you posted.

I am 11 weeks pregnant now and finally hopped on the scales... ahhh, I have gained 1kg. I think it is okay at his stage. Even pregnant I am a bit paranoid about my weight. It easier for me too not put it on than to get it off.

How old is your son now? Did I read some where that he is 11 months old? What stages of developement is he up to?

Talk soon,
Hi Michelle, Just a quick one because Jackson is driving me nuts today!! Rainbow beach is near Gympie.
1kg is normal I think! At 17 weeks I had put on 1 and a half kg.
Jack is 11 months on the 13th Jan. He is not yet pulling himself up to stand yet. Just to his knees.
Sorry to be so brief... Will talk soon. Take care.

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Hi there all, I'm new to this site and am trying to find my way around so bear with me!

Well I'm almost 6 weeks pregnant with baby number 4, I have a son almost 9, a daughter aged 7 and another daughter aged 5 from my first marriage. I am now engaged to a wonderful man who has no children of his own and so badly wants them so this baby is such a blessing.

I had my son when I was just 20 and by the time I was 24 I'd had my daughters too; my circumstances then were different and my marriage an utter shambles and how I ever coped with the workload of three small children is a mystery to me, but I got through it and even though I swore that my baby-making days were well and truly over, here I am expecting # 4.

The "2 under 2 club" can be lovely and I wish you all the very best. And by the way, in case anyone is wondering, I don't look like muttley.

Amanda, Sydney, baby # 4


Thanks for sharing your story... 4 children, how will you do it? I think that 2 is going to be a challenge. Lovely to hear from you. smile Michelle
hello and well done!, i would like to have number two my little is 14 mth and i was wondering if you could help me with info on have the second one so quick everyone who i talk to think im having them to close. any ideas?

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

Hi Maddychelle,
Sorry about my last post.
Jackson is so gorgeous at the moment! Im just loving this age so much. Dont get me wrong I absolutely loved it when he was first born. Wraping him up and rocking him to sleep. But I hated him crying all the time. He had colic badly.
I just love playing with him and he can entertain himself.
My friend just had her 2nd and said she is so much calmer this time because she knows what she is doing. Also she is able to breastfeed this time she couldnt with her first because it hurt too much. Which is lovely to hear because I was the same with Jack, but this time I am determined to breastfeed! Its alot cheaper!!! Did you breastfeed you first?
How is baby bean?
How are you feeling? Has the morning sickness gone?
Hope to hear from you soon.

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03


I have always wanted to have my children close together and a 19 month age gap is great to me. I have heard a lot of positive and negative about having babies close together, but i wouldn't have it any other way. I hope my children will be able to grow together and be close to each other. I can only find positives myself to having children close in age. I know at the start having 2 babies under 2 isn't going to be easy, but it will be well worth it.

If it is your heart to have babies close together then I say do it. Who really cares what other people say?

I didn't plan to fall pregnant straight away, but I did. We started trying to conceive when my daughter was 10 months old. Now that I am 12 weeks pregnant we are just so excited that we have another baby on the way.

Whatever you do, it has to be right for you.

Michelle smile

Hard for me to imagine at 11 months Jack not walking... probably because at 10 months my daughter crawled, at 11 months she was standing up and walking holding onto the furniture, 11 1/2 months she took her first steps and now at 13 months she is running!! I wish she would sit still for just a minute or two.

Hope all is well, just a quick reply today.

Michelle smile
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