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When is the best time to have number two? Lock Rss

I would love to know what your ideas are on the best time to have a second child. I have a beautiful 6 month old baby girl who is an absolute delight. I would love to hear when you think the ideal time is to have a 2nd. My baby girl was born by c-section but I am hoping for a normal delivery 2nd time around.
My name is synni, I have two girls.
I had my girls a little over two and a half years apart and they get on great. The oldest is four and the youngest is turning two in January. So I found that in waiting two years inbetween was the right time for me.
I also had c- sections for both my girls though they were both emergency, but I have heard of many women going on to have a normal delivery the next time round. Ask your doctor what he thinks is best for you as they are the only ones that know the circumstances of your c-section the first time round and will know what you should do the next time.
Hope that I was of some help!

mum of three girls (99,02,06)

Hi anniesmum. In my family there are 6 kids. We are all around 3 years apart from each other. We are extremely close and constantly see each other to this day. Our children all play with each other and we spend every Xmas together. Oh did I mention that the 5 other children are all male. I am the only girl and although I would have loved a sister probably more as I grow older I wouldnt swap my lovely brothers for the world. I also think it all depends on how you are brought up. If you are taught to fight and be competitive with each other than that is what you become. We were taught family stick together and look out for each other and that is exactly what we do. I think its good to have some time between each child as it gives each child time to be a baby, heavens knows they grow up fast enough. But to each there own and it really is what suits you and your personal situation.
I too had a caesarean and am hoping for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) for my next child. My son is currently 16months so when he is around 2 we will probably think about trying for number 2. That way my son will be around 3 when number 2 arrives. He will be a bit more independant than he is now and hopefully toilet trained!. One in nappies would be enough for me.
I think another point to take into consideration is what if your next baby is not as good as your current baby or what if they or both become ill? What if you become ill? PND etc?My son suffers (still to this day) from reflux and did not sleep. There would be no way I could have survived with the morning sickness let alone another screaming crying baby that did not sleep. My Obstetrician advised that we are not prepared for another baby too soon mentally as well as physically, even though this advice was bad for his business!
What ever you decide you do what is best for you! Good luck.
Hi anniesmum,

I think deciding when to have a second baby is a very persoanl choice. Some believe there should be a 2 year age gap, others beleive the closer the better. I have a one year old daughter and have recently found out that I am pregnant - 8 weeks now and going well, (apart from being tired and having some nausea). My daughter and her sibling will be 19months apart and I am actually pretty happy about that. I had a vaginal delivery with my daughter... with a long traumatic labour attached, and hope to have another vaginal delivery that will be easier second time around. I have no false illusions that it will be easy having two under two, but I have a very easy going daughter and a very helpful and supportive husband, which gives me the confidence I need to be able to cope. I always wanted my children to grow up close in age so that they can share things as they grow. (I have one brother 5 years younger... we were never close and had nothing at all in common as we grew up.) I know it is different for everybody, but you do what feels right for you. You need to weigh up all the facts realistically... can you afford it? Would you cope? My husband and I talked alot before trying to conceive baby number 2.

I hope that whatever you decide to do, you follow your heart. Babies are such a precious gift and thought and concideration should be put into the decision to have them...

Goodluck and keep us posted smile smile smile
i think the best time is soon as u are ready! my 3 boys are quite close. no1 was 2 and a half when no 3 was born. there is 16 months btwen the 2 older ones and 14 months btween the middle and yungest

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I have a DD who is nearly 7 months and we are starting to try for number two.

it is a personal decision!!!
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