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hi I was wanting to here from anyone who has tried conciveing a girl by tracking there cycles or simular, dose it work?


So far from my experience;

I wanted a boy the first time around and was told to make love as often as possible on the day before and the first day of my ovulation. We did and I'm happy to say we had a boy.

I now want a girl and was told told to make love on the last day of ovulation (as girl sperm are slower than boy sperm) and I'm sad to say that I don't know what I'm having. I have to wait 20 weeks. We tried to find out but the cord was in the way. The ultrasound lady did give us a 60% chance of a girl.

take care

Adina, ACT, 4 years and one on the way

Hi there,

Hubby and I are about to try to conceive #2 and are hoping to conceive a girl too. I have been charting my cycle for about the last ten years and used it to conceive my son Riley. Using the chart (and mucus signs), we conceived on our first try and thought that we would have a boy because of how close to ovulation it was. Now we are trying to see if we can have a girl next. (although either sex would be fantastic!) A book that I would recommend is 'Natural Fertility' the complete guide to avoiding or achieving conception, by Francesca Naish (Milner book). It covers all aspects of fertility and also a section on sex selection. Basically I think that it all depends on the fact that female sperm live longer but swim slower than male sperm. Personally I dont know of anyone who has tried to conceive a particular sex, but whats the harm in trying?! Good Luck.... I'll let you know how I go! smile

Linda - mum to Riley 13.04.04 (#2 Due 29.12.05)

thanyou for your emails, i will let you all know how w go the big day is the 5 jan, hopfully i have everything timed right, but if its another boy ,its all good.

Hi, I hope you end up having a girl, however it is believed you are surpose to do it at least 3 days before ovulation to increase your chances. thats what it says also in the book by Dr shettles. Good Luck. ren : )

Ren, Qld, 2yr boy

was it a girl or boy?

Di, vic, Jai born 17/8/04

i have three girls and i can safely say that sex straight after your period stops works . good luck
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