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Hi... this is a bit of a personal question but I would love some info if any of your have any.....

My situation is...I went off the pill on the 8th of October and got my periods on the 18th of OCtober for 5 days (28 day cycle)......

Its now the 22nd of November and my periods still have not arrived...working out that I haven't had a period since the start of the last on for ...... 34 days......I have also done 3 pregnant on day 25 (impatient as trying to concieve) on day 29 and one on day 33....still all negative..

Does anyone know what could be the cause/reason for this???? or been in the same boat and either got their periods or been pregnant...

Cheers Em

Mum to Jai and Chase!

Hi Em,

I haven't been in the same boat. The longest I have waited for my periods was 30days, but I have heard that your body could take a while to adjust after coming off the pill and I have also been told by a GP that your body can take up to 35 days to have a period and the GP's won't consider that unusual.

Hoping things get back to some normality for you and good luck falling pregnant.


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When I stopped taking the pill my cycle was between 35 and 40 days. It was like that for three months before I got pregnant. I had an early scan to check my dates because the doctor really wasn't sure when I would be due (I pretty much knew though as I knew the likely dates of conception). Everyone's cycle is different and it takes the body awhile to adjust back to its normal.

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Hi ladies....still no periods today...was thinking how late would I have to be before the doctor could give me a blood test to check if I was pregnant???

Mum to Jai and Chase!

The same thing sort of happenned to me, but I was also under alot of stress at the time, Ren : )

Ren, Qld, 2yr boy

hi, sometimes it can take along time for a pregnancy test to come up positive when you are pregnant, my first pregnancy didn't show up on a urine test untill i was 4 months pregnant but the rest have shown up with in 1 week, but you can just go to your doctor and ask to have a blood test done if you want to know now. and if you arn't pregnant yet while you are getting the blood test done you can also get your doctor to test your blood for everything so that if you have a defitiontcy in anything you can fix it before you get pregnant and there fore be in perfect health right from the start.
i hope this is helpfull, and good luck in getting pregnant.
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