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What do I need to do to get pregnant? Rss

Hello all!

I'm after some advice. What did you do in order to get pregnant. I've been trying for 3 months now and no luck so I would love to hear some success stories or advice. Is there something else that could help? Is there certain times we should be trying?

All advice is welcome and thank you in advance!!
good point!
Hi Victoria,
It took us 4 months of trying and after we fell pregnant, I found out it took most of my friends around the same amount of time so it's definitely not unusual to not fall pregnant straight away!
As I am 30, my doctor asked us to come in if we still had no luck after 6 months of trying but if you are younger, they often recommend you try for up to a year!
She said the biggest thing was to watch my discharge - apparently it gets particularly sticky when you are ovulating but it was just something I couldn't get the hang of. I have also heard recommendations of monitoring your temperature - a spike also meaning you're ovulating. For us it was just to up our game during the more fertile time of the month. The week after your period and the week before is very unlikely to succeed - it's usually around 2 weeks after your period.
Women's ability to conceive goes down every year after you are 30. Compatibility with the man matters also. So if you do not succeed in a year, then find a reason. 3 months is not a long period for this thing.
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