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late periods but negative pregnancy test -TTC for 1st baby Rss

Hey Everyone, new on here. Partner and I are TTC... I dont think my periods are regular as they are always around the 35 day cycle.

However its late this month by 9 days... It's really doing my head in as we are TTC. I've taken a hpt every day but keep getting BFN's!! sad It's gone to the point where im like maybe im not pregnant and its just another late cycle.. only symptoms I've had are cramps, lower back pain, needing to pee, constipation , tiredness, cravings and not sure if its a thing but my legs feel heavy now and then when im walking... oh also my stomach keeps making rumbling noises feel like im hungry but not not? and ive been really gassy for the past few days.

Am i still testing way too early? I've read that some people dont get their bfp's till after 2 weeks??? I wont book into the docs til i hit the 2 week month for bloods as dont want to get my hopes up. just really want either a postive or af so i can try again.

Has anyone else experienced this? This will be ttc for our 1st so im not even sure what im suppose to be feeling and if this is normal or what?? how long have you been getting negatives til you get your bfp?

any advice would be amazing... i think im going mad!
Hey, I hope things work for you. The thing is that you are taking a lot of stress! Just calm down and dont think too much! I would suggest just wait a little longer. Test on your AF date. That will really tell you what is going on. If BFN then start properly tracking your ovulation dates and charting them up. Good luck to you.
yea i feel like maybe i am thinking about it too much I guess... still no period and 11 days late.

I did test on AF date but negative and we made sure we done it on the days I was ovulating. I use Flo so was following that, did it before the date and after the day and then a couple days before as well.

I have been getting the weird tummy pains and always feeling hungry.. but you know not too sure how im suppose to still. Just wanting a BFP ... sad

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