Hi, I am wanting to plan my second pregnancy although am scared to due to my first child's birth being horrific for me, my partner and our baby girl. She is now 17 months old and is perfectly healthy, however was born with shoulder dystocia and needed to be resuscitated straight after the birth then rushed off to NICU for a few hours. As soon as the midwife detected the shoulder dystocia more than 10 doctors suddenly filled the room. My daughter was born soon after and when she was placed on my stomach she was blue, not making a noise and needed immediate resuscitation as her apgar was 3. I straight away had a panic attack on the birthing bed and literally thought she had died in that moment. Thankfully, my daughter quickly recovered and I was able to see/nurse her three hours later. I want to plan my second pregnancy, but am so scared of this happening again. I am so scared the outcome could be worse next time. I am not even 5ft and my partner is 6.5ft so I think we will always have big babies (DD was born 4.1kg and 56cm long). I do not have private health cover and would not afford an elected c-section if we had cover anyway, and I know how difficult it can be electing a c-section in the public system. As much as I would absolutely love love love giving birth naturally, I am so frightened to! I am looking for any sort of similar experiences or any sort of advice with giving birth after these circumstances. Any response will be much appreciated grin