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I Just wondering if any one need surrogate?

I am a mother of 2 boys and have decided my little family is complete smile

my email is
Hi Jennifer,

I have just emailed you hoping your are still keen to become a surrogate.

My wife and I have been together for 15 years, and married for the last two. We are looking for a surrogate to help us realise the dream of raising a family.

The chance of us becoming pregnant naturally is extremely low, so we have already been through a round of IVF, using a donor egg from a very lovely, special woman. My wife carried the baby full term, but due to compilations during birth, our son only lived for only 3 days. We have been advised that my wife needs 12 – 18 months to recover, and she is unsure whether she can put herself through that again.

Due to the fact that we’re both in our early 40s, we are searching for a way to have at least one child before we get too old, while we still have a chance. I’m university educated, working in the technology/engineering field, and my wife was a graphic designer, with ambitions to be a full time stay-at-home mum. We have a lot of love to give. I had a great childhood, and want the chance to continue that with my own children.
I couldn't help myself and had to read your post. I click on this thread every now and then to see if someone has responded to her. To see if someone would come on an online platform to seek a surrogate.
You seem like a nice guy. I can't imagine what you and your wife must have been through. Having a child is a blessing no wanting couple should be neglected.
Jennifer is a wonderful women for volunteering to help. Such a great sacrifice she is ready to give.
I hope she replies and you get your wish.
If it doesn't happen incase someone else contacted her first or she changed her mind, don't loose hope.
There are clinics that can help you through every step of the procedure from first visit to selecting a program till handing you over the legal documents. I have heard about a clinic. I have been asking around incase I'll be needing one. It is in Ukraine. Maybe you can look into that.
I hope that you find what you're looking for soon!
Good luck!
Good luck! we've only just begun)
hey! how are you doing lady?
I always wanted to look over the life of surrogates.
I adore you women so much and I often say that. you women are beautiful souls.
though I am a surrogacy person and would start my procedure soon.
I had so many thoughts of a surrogate. how would be women who carry my baby?
but this is been just a few days of me being on forums but I am so much satisfied. that you guys do this for our good.
I would like to wish you all the best. go for it, dude.
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