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Anyone starting IVF/ICSI Feb/March 2016? Lock Rss

Yay. Congrats Kali0021. Great news. smile

I have my egg retrieval on Monday...feeling a little nervous.

Hi All. I have a question.

Have any of you had an egg retrieval but not had the embryo transferred that month?
If so, how soon did you get your period after the retrieval?

I'm just wondering because my egg retrieval is Monday but we are freezing the embryo because I had an abnormal pap smear that I need to get checked out before we can go ahead. I want to make the specialist appointment asap before my period is due so I can start the frozen cycle next month. I don't want to have to wait until July. This is of course if everything is ok.


I had my HCG blood test on Monday and it was a strong 167, had a follow up done yesterday and it was a whopping 368! I couldn't believe it. It has never been that high before...

SO i am Officially 5 weeks pregnant and 100% Scared Shi*less ....

How is everyone else going?
Yay!!! Congratulations Kali! Fantastic news!

Blakes mum, I got my period naturally 5 days after the retrieval.

CD16 now and my ovaries are still hating life. I had a scan on Tuesday and my ovaries are still really enlarged (and sore!) And the follicles are full of blood. No sign of a dominant follicle. So I've got another scan next week to see what's going on.
Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is going? xxx
Hi everyone.

I haven't been in this group since about February I think it was. My 1st cycle was cancelled then as I was a low responder to Menopur at 250 units. Then I had 2 mths off due to getting my gallbladder removed in April. I started back up on the 2nd cycle on May 25th. I have since gotten pregnant from my 1st transfer on this 2nd cycle. Menopur had been increased to 450 units. There were some doses in between but 450 was better for me. I'm now excitedly 5w4d and 6 wks on this Thursday. My 7 wk scan is next Friday and can't wait!

I hope everyone is doing well. I didn't go back and read all the posts as I don't have a great memory, and would forget it all by the time it comes to doing a post. I've tried before but just can't remember it all lol! Xx
Hi girls!

Wow this is so fantastic!!! I'm currently 6w2d along from my very first transfer! So happy/excited/nervous all at once. I have an early scan tomorrow smile

It's great that so many of us had success! I'm at 20 weeks now smile

Kali0021 - how are you going?

That is so awesome smile!

I am going well, I am 10w 4days today and so far going well. I was so excited when I heard the heartbeat at 7 weeks.

No morning sickness, but ALOT of Nausea...

I have another scan this Thursday at 11 weeks and I am very anxious about it. I hope everything is going well smile
Glad you are going well. morning sickness sucks! I was one of the lucky ones that vomited 15 times a day! I'm still suffering now, but when you hear and see the baby on a screen it makes it worthwhile!

I was super anxious ( and still am) whenever I have a scan, once they detect a heartbeat the chances of anything bad happening are pretty low, that's what I say to myself all the time, plus I was/am so sick that I thought that something must be going on in there!

Good luck on Thursday smile
I had my scan yesterday. Got to see a little blob with a heartbeat! Now I have been released to my normal GP, no more IVF clinic. smile
That is so exciting!

It sounds weird, but I loved it when my clinic said they weren't seeing me anymore!

I'm so happy for everyone smile
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