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Anyone starting IVF/ICSI Feb/March 2016? Lock Rss

Fantastic news Kali! Praying for a sticky baby for you! Hopefully the tww goes quickly!

How are you going with the injections Blake's Mummy? When is your follicle scan?

Tashp! Welcome! I completely understand. I have found the road to IVF incredibly daunting and scary...and lonely. I have a fantastic hubby, but he lacks a bit of empathy. I have found myself crying through the whole process, the hormones make me crazy! I totally get where you are coming from. I have a 2yo son and he LOVES other children and babies. I'm so sad that so far I have been unable to give him a sibling.

I had my egg retrieval last Friday and had 40 follicles, out of that 25 mature eggs, 19 of them fertilized and all 19 made it to freeze on day three. So that's fantastic news. I'm really hoping that I don't have to go through another stim cycle. The bad news is that I got OHSS so I couldn't have a fresh transfer and I have to wait until June for a frozen transfer. I am beyond disappointed sad I was so sick though, it was awful!

Good luck and baby dust to all of you!
Hi ladies.
My name is naomi, i came on to see if anyone else were doing icsi ivf on this forum found this thread!
We have been ttc for over a year and found hubby has a very very low count and motility. Icsi was our only option. I am on day 3 so just injected for the second time (not enjoying that my tummy stings for a good 10 mins after) and this is our first try at isci so my first egg retrieval.
Wishing you all sticky baby dust
Oh my goodness aklgal thats fantastic! Despite all those odds you were successful first time! Do you keep the other embryo frozen? Did they tell you what happens with the embryos if you no longer need them?
Thankyou thats interesting. We signed something but it only said 1 embyro being implanted and the rest frozen but nothing on what happens later. We also have the first 6 months covered by our fee but then its $260 every 6 months we continue to keep them frozen. Well i wish you lots of sticky baby dust for your early pregnancy smile very exciting
Congrats Aklgal, that's great news. smile

I'm now on day 5 of my first cycle. I'm finding the gonal pen really easy to use with no pain. I'm probably
going to start the next injections tonight depending on my blood test taken this morning. Not looking forward to sticking an actual syringe into myself though.

When I signed all the paperwork they said that I could decide later what to do with any left over frozen
embryos. For now, I'll just focus on getting pregnant. We already have a 3 year old so just want one more.

I wish I could speed up time to get it all done now.

So did anyone / is anyone struggling with the 2ww?

I have 4 days to go until i test and i am so nervous. I seriously thought my period was coming yesterday and again this morning.

I feel twinges all the time and cramping (thinking that its good news). I get nauseous and I am so tired all the time, in bed at 7pm up at 5.30am and i could still sleep for another 4 hours easily.

Has anyone ever felt like this. I think its all in my head. Is it all in my head?
I think when my time comes for the TWW I'm going to be a mess. It'll be the longest 2 weeks in history. I hope the news is good for you. smile

I had my first follicle scan yesterday and there were 14 and I have another scan tomorrow and depending on that I may have my egg retrieval on Monday. We are not going to have them transferred until next month though because I had an abnormal pap smear that I have to deal with first. I'm really nervous about the results of that, just hope it's a false alarm and we can have a frozen transfer in June.

Cramping is a good sign of early pregnancy. I remember in the early stages with my son, I kept thinking my period was coming because of the cramps, it felt very similar.

It is definitely Freaking me out.

I did a 5 day Blastocyst frozen transfer. It Thawed perfectly and hatched normally.

So as long as my uterus does what it is supposed to do, we should be ok.

Really sharp pains on the left side though sad
Kali, when I fell pregnant with my son I was absolutely sure that AF was going to arrive. The symptoms were exactly the same!
Hi Kali

I am so happy you are in the 2WW! I have my fingers crossed for you.

I had such bad cramping that I was convinced it was over, I was doubled over in pain it was that bad. I was on progesterone support after my IVF cycle so I think that was contributing to it as well. The 2ww plays with your mind sooo much, I found the last couple of days so hard but I just tried to keep as positive as I could and really believing that this could happen! And it did (I'm 13 weeks now!) is it 4 days until you get your blood test or until you test at home? I had a 5 day transfer and got a positive 5 days after the transfer on a home test and blood test next day confirmed it.

Let us know how you go.
Thanks Raralou- That made me feel a lot better.

So when I got home from work last night, I took a test and ... It was positive!

I couldn't believe... now to get past the next 8-9 weeks and months... Woo smile
Yay yay!!! That's the best news! Feels amazing doesn't it?! I am so happy for you.
I actually found the first few weeks hard, just with the early pregnancy monitoring and getting to the first scan, to be fair, I haven't stopped worrying, don't think I'll stop until I have this baby in my arms. Feel free to pm me if you need to chat . Congrats again!
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