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Anyone starting IVF/ICSI Feb/March 2016? Lock Rss

Wishing you the very best of luck with the transfer. smile

I'm terrified. I think that the Gonal F pen hurts. I'm DOOMED!

Hubby faints at the sight of a needle, on Monday he fainted at the pathology clinic having a blood test and he stopped breathing... I kid you not! arghhhh....

So I'm on my own. With the needles that is.
oh no that's terrible.... Men have it soo easy lol
Oh I know. The things us ladies have to go through hey!

Is the surgery okay? Does it hurt afterwards?

Sorry... a million questions. I just don't know what to expect.
That's ok...

Are you having a local or general?
lucky you- I had a local and it hurt a lot, but only for about 10 seconds in total.

You feel OK afterwards, a little uncomfortable and it feels like period pain, but it only last a few hours. Definitely rest for the day and if possible the day after.

I am still quite tender today but i had a lot going on.... it gets better as the day goes on.
Sorry for gate crashing ladies.... I am ttc but not via ivf was just roaming through forums with my ttc obseasion :/.Just wanted to share that I read on another forum that putting an ice pack on your tummy before injecting the dreaded O can help with numbing any pain. Might be worth a shot? Baby dust to all of you I hope everyone gets their little miracles. Xxxx
Yes, my clinic only does egg retrieval under GA.

Okay, I am a little more at ease now. I have a 2yo son, so resting will be interesting! haha

Hey Farmer_mum, welcome! haha not gate crashing at all. Now that you mention it I think that the nurse did tell me an ice pack would help. Thank you smile
Kali! How are you travelling? Everything going well??
Hi Everyone,

So the big news is we had 3 Embryos successfully frozen and we had our first transfer on Wednesday!

Now its time for the dreaded 2 week wait....

Nail Nail Nail Nail biting...
Good luck Kali0021.

I've just started my first IVF cycle, gave myself my first gonal injection last night.

We have been TTC no 2 for 1.5 years now (had a miscarriage in the middle of all that at 10 weeks) so
I'm eager to get pregnant and have my baby making days behind me.

Hi girls, I've just signed up here and this is my first time on a ivf forum.I started treatment for 1st round of ivf and im on day 7 of taking the growth hormone.I had first u/s yesterday and have 6 follicles in each ovary with 3 bigger ones in each, 15mm was my biggest.
Ive been feeling a lil lonely in this process as i have never known anyone else to have fertility problems and trying to convince.My partner is not good at talking to me about it and distracts himself in gaming.I've been a bit teary lately and not sure if its the hormones making me overly sensitive or if its partners uncaring.
My hopes are up high to for this first round to work as I only have 2 publicly funded rounds and I cannot afford to go private.
I have also been in a similar boat before with my ex partner.In 2007 I began fertility treatment with clomid, iui with anonymous donor sperm.My then partner who I was with for 9 years was completely infertile and we found out after 1 year of trying.It took another 4 years, a 15kg weight loss and travelling out of town to a 'nicer' specialist before we got the help we needed aND in may 2008 I got my lil boy.
Coincidentally my new partner whom I've been with for 3 years also has fertility problems but yet he has 2 kids to his ex!
Obviously his issues came about afterwards, his youngest is 6 yrs old.
He has a blockage and early this year had sperm retrevial which is all now and frozen waiting for my eggs.
I am not sure why I am so cursed, i do not have fertility issues since I was in my early 20's and was diagnosis with pcos.I thought I was the one with the problem with not being able to have kids and all I ever wanted was to be a mother and have a familiy.I have never used contraception in my whole life and never been pregnant to a partner and I feel like the mother Mary lol.I do however feel very grateful for my son...I don't know whsee I'd be today If it wasn't for him.To have another child Is for him, to give him a sibling that at least shares a part of his dna from me.I often feel guilty that he is an only child and doesn't have that bond that other kids have with there siblings.I can tell you things are messed up with his unbiological father .For 3 years after we seperated he was a good dad and had my son every fortnight and I thought they had a special bond..he was raised as his from day 1, but for the last 8 months he has removed himself as his dad and has not seen him or anything.I try to talk to him but he won't.I suspect his new gf has something to do with it bit I am still very confused and upset on how someone can ignore a lil boy who was there son for 7 years !
Shit is messed up and I can't handle more disappointment.I even an scared to go through with this treatment but I tell myself it wil be ok.
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