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Anyone starting IVF/ICSI Feb/March 2016? Lock Rss

Thanks ladies, I will let you know how I go tomorrow morning, I'm booked in for 8am. fingers and toes crossed!

SunnycoastB - fingers crossed for you, I hope the 2ww goes fast, hopefully I will be joining you on that wait soon.

When are you starting again Kali0021?
Aw Yay!

I am just waiting for my AF to arrive and then start again... I am not as excited this time as i was the last time. will see what happens...

Hope you both are going well.
Hope your AF starts soon Kali0021. I am a lot more cautious this time around, I just assumed the first time that everything would work out so was shocked and pretty upset when it didn't. Taking it each day as it comes now. smile

I had my egg collection this morning. They got 18 eggs! Find out in the morning how many (If any) fertilised. Fingers crossed! They are a bit concerned I could develop ovarian hyper stimulation due to the number of follicles. Just on some medication to prevent and just need to report any symptoms. Hopefully it will be ok.

How are you going SunnycoastB?

That is fantastic news! You must be so pleased. I can never seem to get more than 2 so may need to explore the stims you were on! How exciting.

The uncertainty, attached to the huge price tag, makes the whole process so emotionally draining. Keep your spirits up Kali0021, this next cycle could be the one.
Any news on your embies Raralou? I'm excited to hear how you are going? Hope you are feeling okay and have not developed OHSS.

Any news on AF Kali0021?

I'm not feeling anything, so feeling a bit sad. Last time round I felt so many changes that I just knew I was pregnant.
Its pretty early SunnycoastB, keep positive! You just never know smile when do you have your blood test?

Spoke to the nurse this morning, out of the 18, 15 were mature and all 15 were fertilised. Hopefully they are good quality, I was surprised when she said that they'd all been fertilised as I'd been told yesterday to expect around half. Start on progesterone tomorrow and need to call on Monday to find out the status of the embryos. I feel ok, still bloated and some mild cramping. I will be happy when my stomach goes back to its normal size. Hopefully OHSS doesn't occur.

Any more news Raralou? When is your transfer?
That is so great 15!

I hope you are both feeling ok- Still no AF for me. I am a little concerned as i was told it should be here 5-7 days after retrieval and i am now on day 10 sad
Yes, day 3 and still have 13! Transfer on Wednesday at 12.30. I'm hoping there will somethings g to freeze which would be great!

How are you feeling SunnycoastB? Any signs or symptoms?

Just when you actually want AF to come, it doesn't! So frustrating! Hopefully it arrives soon.
Good luck with your transfer tomorrow Raralou. Are you transferring one or two?
Thanks! Just the one, clinic don't allow two. How are you going? Any signs? When do ou have your blood test?

How are you going kali0021? AF turned up yet?
My blood test is on the 9th. Still seems so far away! No symptoms at all, not even a twinge. Last time I was aware of every little pulling, twinge, sensitive ( Y ) boobs, was so tired, heartburn, supersonic sense of smell, headaches,a cold and felt hot all the time. I don't feel any of these things or anything really.

How are you feeling? Did you get many to freeze?
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