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Anyone starting IVF/ICSI Feb/March 2016? Lock Rss

Hi Ladies

My husband and I have just finished our first cycle. We only had 2 eggs retrieved on Friday and they didn't fertilize on Saturday- I was utterly heartbroken.

I am 29 and DH is 36: I only have 1 tube due to ectopic and DH has low count and mobility (last counts was just over 3 mil)

So we will be starting our second cycle this week and hope that it all goes well.

We have been TTC for over 5 years now and have had 2 m/c at 6 & 7 weeks.

I really hope this works for all of us! The waiting and uneasiness is horrible. 2 Panic / Anxiety attacks in 2 days can't be good.

Now I know what to expect, maybe this cycle will be a little easier... maybe

Fingers crossed x
Hi kali0021, welcome smile I'm so sorry to hear that, are you ok? This journey is so tough at times, it's just an emotional roller coaster! I'm just taking each day as it comes at the moment and just hope I get a bit further with the process everyday. I think knowing what to expect next time will make it easier + your FS will have learnt a lot about how you responded etc for next time. At least you can start again next week -that's pretty quick! Are they changing your meds or anything? Fingers crossed for us all smile

How did your egg collection go SunnyCoastB?

My scan went ok this morning, there has been growth which is a positive sign, just waiting for blood test results this afternoon.

Thank you smile I am feeling much better today but Saturday was pretty hard.

I think I will take a leaf from your book this cycle, taking each day as it comes. Try not to put too much pressure on myself.
We are keeping everything the same this cycle and if it still isn't working then we will reevaluate.

Thank you for starting this feed... its real time and it feels so much easier to be going through this with ladies that know.
Sorry to hear that they did not fertilise Kali0021. Wishing you luck in your next cycle.

I just completed my egg collection this morning. Woke up with a 2 on my hand. Now I'm just anxiously worrying and wondering what will happen next.

How did your scan go Raralou?
Hi kali0021, I can imagine saturday was hard for you sad let's hope that the second cycle is more successful. Are you trying acupuncture at all? apparantly it helps with the IVF process, I've been going for over a year, it's helped my cycles become regular, and hoping it is helping me now going through IVF. It's also a good way to relax and de-stress for an hour, which doesn't hurt;)

I just felt quite alone going through this and also in general ttc for so long, we moved interstate over a year ago so don't really have anyone I can confide it, most of my friends have babies now so apart from my parents and partner (who are fantastic) I felt like I needed to talk to people going through the same thing, I'm so glad you and SunnycoastB are here to share, hopefully we can support each other through this smile

SunnycoastB - how are you feeling? How many did you get last time? You only need 1 I guess so fingers crossed you get some good news.

Just heard back from the nurse and I'm going in for egg collection on Friday. Trigger wed night. My scan was good, there were a few follicles that still need to grow but 1 at 18, 2 at 17 and the others ranged from 12-15, think they want to get as many as possible hence waiting til Friday. Estrogen levels are good as well.
Definitely agree with that!

Good luck on your collection- Can't wait to hear.

SunnyCoastB I hope all goes well for you over the next 24-72 hours x
Have you had any news SunnycoastB ?

Hope your going ok today Kali0021?
Hi Ladies,

So both 2 eggs were mature. However after ISCI only 1 made it. Transfer is set for Thursday- fingers crossed.

Your scans are looking promising Raralou. I'd be happy with those numbers going into egg collection.

Hope you are both well.
That sound promising SunnycoastB, good luck tomorrow smile

Yes, it's a big improvement from the first time, just had a blood test done and waiting for a time to take the trigger shot tonight, egg collection Friday.

Hope your going ok Kali0021.
Wishing you luck with your egg collection tomorrow Raralou. Hoping you get lots!
Oh Good Luck today Raralou!

SunnyB I hope you ET goes well!

Lots of <3 and wishes to you both! smile

Hi Ladies,
So my one little embryo is a slow developer. It was only a 4 cell on Day 3 transfer. Not looking too promising, but hoping it has sticking power!

Now for the 2WW.

Best of luck with you collection tomorrow Raralou. How are you holding up Kali0021? Got your plan of action for the next round?
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