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Feb 2015 IVF#1 TTC#1 Rss

Yep, been cramping and feeling funny little twinges, but its mostly at night, but I imagine I feel it more when I stop. I have put this down to the progesterone pessaries - same with feeling flushed most of the time. Side effects of the pessaries. (probably a self preservation mechanism)

Completely agree with the 'out of your control' thing... Type A personalities hey!

FunnyFace, very exciting journey (particularly at the beginning) which is when you feel quite empowered I think because you are doing something about getting that baby!
Its excellent timing for school holidays for you also, the stars are aligning! smile

We also have a plan B of a big trip to the US/Hawaii at Christmas if we aren't successful by around September.

Good luck tomorrow I have my fingers crossed the bloods are all good and you can stim away!!

M x

Having this forum has made it easier to at least get an idea of what will happen and what I might experience!

Bloods came back normal today so injections start in the morning and first ultrasound next Thursday!

I have to agree, after being worried about it all today I felt the most positive I have about all of this for months (and we had our first meeting with a specialist over 18 months ago!). I do think it is having a little bit of control for a change, something I haven't felt about this whole process!! But not looking forward to the TWW, while holidays are good for clinic visits not so good for keeping distracted once the transfer is done smile

Having something to look forward helps me to have something else to focus on as I don't want this whole year to turn into being just about getting pregnant.
How did your injection go FunnyFace?
Survived the first injection! It really wasn't as bad as I had thought it might be. With the nerves I forgot to stop pinching my skin, but I don't think that will cause any real problems.

Now it is the waiting game to see if it is working when I go for my first scan next Thursday. *fingers crossed*
How exciting FunnyFace! Its not nearly as bad as you work it up to be in your head!

Well done on completing Day 1 smile

Fingers crossed you respond perfectly to stims!

M x
Testing tomorrow Melby? Or holding out til Monday? Let us know how you go smile
Tested this morning... not even a sniff of a second line. Heartbroken. sad
Oh Melby that's awful so sorry, is it possible it's just too early?
Perhaps it is a bit early? Maybe your embie took a while to find a place to settle and implanted late. Apparently that can happen which is why they do the beta 14 days after transfer. Sending you baby dust. Try to keep your spirits up. Fingers and toes crossed for you.
*finger crossed* that maybe you just tested a bit early!

I am trying to find the balance at the moment of being positive that this will all work but also be prepared that it is quite possible it won't happen the first time.... Though at the moment I am trying to take one stage at a time, at the moment hopefully my dose of Gonal F is enough to stimulate enough follicles and not so high I get over stimulated. After that I will start thinking about the number of eggs we might collect and then start thinking about them actually fertilising! If I think about it all I find I get a bit overwhelmed!
Just received the call....And we are out sad

I knew already (very much) as AF started Saturday in the evening - was feeling crappy but I think most of that is psychological about knowing a perfect embryo was in there and now is no longer.

Anyhow, nurse didn't provide too much information apart from "not having good news" and booked us in for pre-FET meeting in 3 weeks. No idea of the protocol, assuming Dr will look at it prior to then and decide the best course of action.

I am grateful to not have to go through egg collection again (at least for the moment anyway).

So in the meantime, I will be having an extra large glass of red wine this evening with my dinner!

Watch this space though - WE WILL GET THERE! smile

FunnyFace - take it a day at a time at the moment - it is very overwhelming. In my experience so far, the hardest part was the tww, but even with our negative result, I still stand by that you may as well have a positive attitude (because that you can control!). You (if you're anything like me) will be shattered if it doesn't work regardless of if you spent the time being optimistic, pessimistic or a realist. Its a knock that is hard to take, but you cant change it.

This whole process really is a flip of a coin really as to which way the results will go.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

KelB83 - April is your time yes? April is Wednesday - thats exciting! smile

SunnyCoastB - How is that baby coming along?

M x
Melby, so sorry to hear the bad news, you must be devastated, glad to hear you are staying so positive but must be hard.

Yes April is just around the corner I have booked my flight home on the 13th, and hoping to start meds around the 20th. Time has been going really quickly I can't believe it's almost April! After the nursing and counselling appointments (that time I was a bit of a mess) I have been really positive and excited about the whole process and now that it is getting closer I'm still that way although I'll have little waves of fear that it won't all go to plan every now and again. I do think that being part of this forum has/will help as we can see all the ways it can go, wether they be good or bad. Having each other to vent to when we know we are all having / have had the same feelings at one point or another is great!

I totally agree with what you say about staying positive and getting excited as I'm sure that won't change the way you feel if it doesn't work out, so that is what I'm doing even if it is freaking my husband out haha! He is just so worried about me and how I will cope if it's not successful, poor thing.

Thinking of you and keep us updated with your FET.

K x
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