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Feb 2015 IVF#1 TTC#1 Rss

SunnyCoastB - You're welcome smile . It's a big forum with a lot of regular members. While a forum like Huggies is great for talking to mums in general, SMC is seriously brilliant for finding other SMCs to talk to. I think most SMCs would get a lot out of it.

Faerie77 - Thank you smile . You must be feeling so devastated right now. Do you think it's worth getting a second opinion?
Hi Ladies,

After a pretty sleepless and restless night last night worrying that we may not have anything to transfer today (its human nature to worry and think the worst isn't it) we got the call early this morning that 1 had embryo become a hatching blastocyst, 1 was a good looking advanced blastocyst and the other was still presenting like a 4 day morala.

Needless to say, this news was an absolute relief! We transferred our hatching blastocyst just before lunch - which was painfree and we even got to take a photo on the ultrasound of the little embryo. The remaining blastocyst was frozen this afternoon, and the morala was given new media and left until tomorrow to see if it catches up.

My ovaries are still extremely enlarged, which is proving increasingly uncomfortable particularly now that I cant use a heat pack - but i just feel so lucky to be at this point that I really can't complain.

I've just slept the afternoon away (to make up for my terrible sleep last night).

Faerie77 you are in my thoughts and SunnyCoastB looks to have a suggestion which could be something to consider.

SimplePeach86 - I hope you are feeling better after a physically hard run.

To both of you - the emotional strength to figure out the next steps will come with time.

Such a mixed bag of responses to the drugs and the process as a whole really - even in this small sample size, its resonates what our counselor said to me at the very beginning - its hard to read online and compare yourself to others going through the process because of the different responses individuals will have - no one has the exact same challenges, lifestyle and influences as you will.

For now its onto the TWW for me and here is hoping with all my fingers and toes and everything else crossed. If this one sticks - it may just steal the limelight of my 30th birthday later this year!!

M x
Wow Melby that's great news, it all looks really positive! Good luck for the TWW hopefully it goes quickly, I have everything crossed for you as well!

K x
Fantastic news Melby! Hope your ovaries settle down for you soon.
Good news Melby!! Hope you are going well and keeping yourself distracted!
Hi girls!

How is everyone going this week? What are you all up to?

For the first time in a few months I am feeling pretty good, much easier once I came to terms with this was the path that we were going to have to take.

I am up to day 10 of Synerol. Was very happy to drop down to only two sprays a day!! At this stage I will likely start injections Thursday. Which I am slowly feeling much more confident about.

It has put a few things in perspective for me. Two and a half years ago when we started trying I wouldn't have bothered trying this month as I didn't want a hub due in December/early Jan. Now my mind set is being able to have as many shots at it this year as we can so I wouldn't dream about putting treatment off just because of when the hub could potentially be due.

Hope you are all having a good week!
Hi Ladies,

How are you all travelling?

FunnyFace - not long now until injections - let us know how you go!

This tww is dragging. So. Badly.

I am feeling fine, feeling not a lot in fact, just kinda sore (.)(.) but nothing major and I'm putting that down to the progesterone pessaries. Having really positive days and then days when I am a bit lower, just trying to keep the expectations in check. I don't think I will last without testing early at home.

SunnyCoastB - at what stage did you do your sneaky at home test? Did you have a 5 day transfer?

Hope all are well.

M x
The TWW is agonising! Day 10 after transfer you should be able to test I believe. I tested on day 11 and had a strong line, and every day after it got darker. Just be sure you buy a test that is sensitive to 25 rather than the standard 50. Info was easy enough to find on the 3 pack box I purchased. How many days past transfer are you? When do you get your first beta?

I feel like I'm doing the TWW all over again! Technically I am 8 weeks + 5 days today and I have to wait til week 10 for the DS blood test followed by a scan in week 11-12. I've not had any morning sickness or any symptoms really, so will worry until the scan to know that everything is alright! Although, I am hungry all the time and running to the loo a lot, so perhaps I shoud be counting these as symptoms!!
Its just driving me mad! I cried today at my desk - so ridiculous - but im just so anxious!

Today is 6 days past transfer. Slowly counting them down. I had planned on waiting it out until Saturday to do a hpt which is day 10 funnily enough! Ill be sure the check the sensitivity on the box - thanks for the tip! Bloods are booked for Monday. Sigh.

I can imagine that youre eagerly awaiting the next scan - youve made it this far so im confident and excited for you - sure it will all be great! Glad you havent got morning sickness. Hope the tiredness has eased off also.

M x
It is an emotional time. Wanting it so bad to be positive then having to wait to find out. If you are anything like me, the fact that it is all out of your sphere of influence or control is a little freaky and the cause of much uncertainty.

Next, you will have to refine your technique for peering on a stick without getting wet fingers! TMI?! I can't wait to hear how you go. Not with the peeing finesse, but rather the HPT result! Wishing you pink lines.

Have you felt any pulling feelings in your tummy? Counting down the days with you!

How are our other ladies going? FunnyFace, must be close to starting your stimming? Let us know how you go with the needles. Hope everyone else is taking care of themselves and doing okay. Hope to hear from you all soon.
Knowing what the TWW was like when we were trying naturally I am not looking forward to this one, because you know the exact dates! Hope you can find some ways to distract yourself. Based on experience the First response HPTs are very sensitive. It was the only one that gave us a positive when we had our chemical, the lines were faint and never got darker, but we didn't even get a line on Clear Blue.

I have my day 1 bloods tomorrow morning and assuming nothing abnormal shows up injections start Thursday morning with my first ultrasound being the following Thursday. So we are hopeful it will go well. This new specialist identified that I likely have mild PCOS so I have the concern in the back of my mind of over stimulation.

This month has worked out quite well for us as I am a teacher so will get to deal with most of this cycle while I am on holidays. It will be completely acceptable for me to sit around the house in my PJ's and watch bad TV all day if I want to. But I am hoping to get out and catch up with some friends to distract myself!!

I am keeping positive that we are heading down the right path but we are also planning a big trip at the end of the year if things don't go to plan, so we have something to look forward to!

Thinking good thoughts for everyone!!
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