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Feb 2015 IVF#1 TTC#1 Rss

Hi Faerie77,

So sorry to hear that, I know nothing we can say can really help but jut want you to know you are in my thoughts.

Remember we are all here for support when you need it, keep us posted on your next steps.

Faerie77 so sorry to hear things didn't go well! I can't even start to imagine how that must feel.

Enjoy time with your family and I hope some time away will help get your mind off things, even if only briefly!
Hi All

For those who have done the Gonal F injections I have a questions. How bad are they?
I am not a needle person and it is the one thing that has been worrying me about this whole process. I was considering having my hubby or even Mum (who is a nurse) do the first one for me to get me over the nerves, but after visiting a friend over the weekend I am having second thoughts. They have been through a number of IVF cycles and are now 6 months pregnant and let us have a bit of a practice with the Gonal F they had left from their last cycle (using a tomato, not me!). I am now thinking someone else doing the injections could be harder then me getting up the confindece to do it myself.

I am not a needle fan, I turn away whenever I have them done. I was surprised I made it through my two tracking cycles. What I am trying to currently think is that the needle is much smaller then any of those needles and really they only hurt briefly so it won't be that bad.

Was anyone else nervous about the needles? How did you deal with it? Any good advice on how to get through it? I am pretty sure once I get through the first one it will get easier but it is getting up the nerve to do the first one!

Hi ladies,

Faerie77 - I am so sorry to hear about your embryo. My heart goes out to you as its such an anxious wait to see if they will come through. Be sure to ask lots of questions to your FS, and take lots of time out to look after yourself. I feel for you hon.

FunnyFace - The Gonal F needles are really really fine - you will not have any problem with them at all - I had my darling man do the injections for me, and compared to the blood thinner ones I am on for the 10 days post egg collection, Gonal was a walk in the park! I don't freak out about needles, but I don't take them easily either - I found that i just repeated in my head "You have to do what you have to do" and that helped me keep it all in check.

I'm continuing booster Orangutan shots (yesterday AM and Wednesday AM before transfer), and the blood thinners (daily injections) at the moment. Also started the pessaries yesterday - not the nicest but it is what it is right. I must say, yesterday was probably the worst I have felt since we started this whole process. Pretty bloated and yucky, but I'm forcing a smile and positive attitude today until such point that I believe it myself!

I got the call this morning that our 4 that were slow to fertilize have arrested and have been disguarded, however our 3 that fertilized normally are going well and are all 7-8 cell and grade 1. We just need them to keep dividing until Wednesday and then do their thing on the inside!

Sending you all positive thoughts and well wishes.

M x

Hi ladies.

Sorry i havnt been on It has been so crazy we didn't get no eggs.
And the pain in my tummy I was telling you about got worse they end up rushing me to rns hospital they thought I had twisted ovary. Turned out it wasn't they have no idea why I got no eggs or why I have been in so much pain.
It's Monday the pain has come back bit stronger.
They said I can bleed any time. Can go from now to two weeks time which I'm thinking every min I have them.
Took my trigger injection right on 10pm mon night for 930 am wed morning go in collect. At first they was thinking i ovulated early. But dr that does it she said my follicles looked great and ready. She even tried the smal ones. Than we think it maybe the trigger injection not doing the right job.
But they said who really knows. And to top it off the night before well arvo we found out our health fund wasn't going to cover my day surgery cause they change things around. So we had to go crazy and find $600 for the next day.

I always was told 8 cells is a perfect embryo. Didn't know they counted it to 10.
Than again my friends in America they have them in grades. So I gues it goes off different clinics. My clinic doesn't tell u anything about the embryo just what day it's put back in.

Sorry I don't write your name in front when I write something to use.
I forget once i write mine and reply to ur post.
I check on here on my phone so it doesn't let me go back and check other post.

Glade you got to see the heart beat.
That's one thing i dream to hear. All my last lot of preg i havnt been able to even get that fare.

And when u took the Dhea where did u get it from and how much.
My chemist wants to charge $75 for it.
I'm going to start them asap for May cycle.

Love Jessica.

Sticky baby dust to us all.
Sorry to hear your news Faerie77 and Simplepeach86. I hope your follow up visits with your doctors provide you with more information and plans for your next steps. Thinking of you.

Melby, great news on your embies. Will you be transferring one or two? Not long now til transfer!

FunnyFace, I'm doing the whole IVF thing as a single, so had to conquer the injections on my own. It looks scarier than it feels, and after you have mustered up enough courage to take the plunge with the first injection, the rest are a breeze. You will be absolutely fine doing them yourself, and the sense of control is much more liberating than all the other needles I've had to sit through being stuck into me by nurses! smile

Let us know how you go!
So sorry Simplepeach I can't imagine how frustrating and disappointing it must be to not even get past the first step, thinking of you.

SunnyCoastB so brave of you going it alone, hope you had some good friends and family for support, good on you!

A question for all of you... What are your opinions on transferring 1 or 2 embryos? I have herd that when transferring 1 you have around a 45% chance and transferring 2 brings it up to 75% of at least 1 taking (not sure how accurate that is?). The worry of course is multiple births with the chance of twins at around 25%. Twins not so bad but more than 2 is far more risky for both the babies and the mother however the chance of an embryo dividing into 2 is around 2% so not that high.

Our doc apparently prefers to only transfer 1 on the first round but could be talked into 2, we are just weighing up our options for when the time comes to decide and will of course listen to the dr in the end.

What are some of your experiences? Have you herd anything different from what I have written above?

K x

We will be transferring one embryo - my dr isnt keen to do any more as I am under 30 - although I'm sure if I pushed it enough he would allow it.

After doing alot of research on live birth rates we made the decision to only transfer one at a time. I also have a girlfriend that concieved twins naturally and lost them both, one at 90min and one at 14 days, so I think I am scarred from that.

On the other hand I have another girlfriend that has natural twins and she had no problems at all...

Its a hard one but definately worth talking to the nurses and your specialist about the risks if the both take (and additionally split).

That was just our thought process - its such a personal decision and two would seem like a blessing no doubt - fingers crossed whichever way you go is successful!

M x
When we met with our doctor he said to start he will only do one at a time, but he would reassess in the future if required. Particularly when we have no past history to know what may happen.

At this stage I personally will go with one at a time as I don't think I would be prepared for the possibility of twins, how rare the possibility is. I have a good friend who had twins naturally and carried them almost to term and is very happy but a coworker of my husband just had her twins two months early and they are currently in the NICU. So it is a difficult decision.

Thank you everyone for the support in regards to the needles. I have a few more days to get my head around it all. And I remind myself it will be worth the effort!
SunnyCoastB I'm doing it by myself too, although at this point I'm doing IUI not IVF. Are you a member of the SMC forum?

Good luck to everyone!
Hi everyone,
Thanks for the kind words and support. It's been tough.

Funny face- when I started the Gonal F I said I wouldnt do the injections. Then I freaked out at the last minute and did it and it was so easy! I won't even look when they do a blood test! My trick is to pinch the skin really hard, slowly Put that needle in (can't feel it if you pinch hard to begin with). Then slowly press the dosage in. If you go faster I find it stings a little. You'll be fine!

melby- you're results sound great. Hope they continue to do well and you have transfer soon.

Simplepeach- sorry for your pain and wish you a gentle recovery.

SunnycoastB and becomingaMum- hope you get all the support you need. It's tough even when you aren't doing it alone.

As for the question re multiples- you have to assess the risks of multiple births and I would listen to your doctor as I think they can assess your situation best.

Our Doctor informed us yesterday that he doesn't think its worth another try as my eggs are such poor quality. Completely guttered and devastated doesnt even cut it. He suggested we think of donor eggs. I haven't stopped crying. Anyway, can't think straight.

Thanks again for the support and best of luck to those still hatching and cycling xxx
BecomingAMum, I just checked out SMC and completed the registration. Is it a good forum? Thanks for mentioning it!

Faerie77, I'm sorry to hear your news. I was told at the start of my cycle that it was unlikely that I would be successful. My FSH levels were 'abnormally' high, to the extent that they only gave it a go to prove it to me. I was devastated, and my body was slow to respond to the stimulation, which seemed to confirm what the doctor predicted. I was also told my egg quality was not good, which meant that they only intended to do a 3 day transfer from the outset. Has your doctor discussed the possibility of 3 day rather than 5 day transfer? I understand that 5 day has better predicted outcomes, but a 3 day transfer, given eggs at 8 cells, may give you a chance? You and your doctor know your situation best, of course, but since it seems to work for people like me I was just wondering if it was worth a shot?! Forgive my ignorance! Whatever your next step is I wish you the very best.

Melby, wishing you all the very best for your transfer tomorrow. Your embies still going strong? Bring on the TWW smile
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