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Feb 2015 IVF#1 TTC#1 Rss

Hi all,

Thanks of that info Simplepeach, I have finished the orgalutran this time, but will try that (if and when) next time happens... How are you feeling now? Sounds like you've been really knocked around. I started the crinone gel last night. Joy of joys.
We had our pickup on Friday and we retrieved 6 eggs, all mature and 4 have fertilised. Fingers crossed for transfer on Wednesday. Gosh it's such a roller coaster, trying to be calm and zen about it.
How is everyone else traveling?
faerie x
Best of luck with your transfer on Wednseday Faerie77. I take it you are doing a 5 day transfer? 4 fertilised eggs sounds promising! Are you feeling okay after your collection?
Thanks sunnycoastB, we had that lovely phone call this morning informing us two of the four have stopped growing.. And one of the surviving two is not looking so good. I know it only takes one.. Will try and keep that in mind. Hard though when you've been through it before and it ends up being shit pancakes and donkey balls for breakfast!!
After the pickup I feeling not so good. I have a terribly low pain threshold and am probably a little sensitive. OMG. Is tha enough info!? How is everyone else doing?
Hi ladies!

Faerie77 - no good that you arent feeling well. Keep positive - like you said - it only takes one little embryo. I have my fingers crossed that this is your lucky embie.

SunnyCoastB - how you travelling?

We should have a few ladies in the group very close to egg collecion!

Our scan this morning showed 7 x 11mm follicles on the right and 1 x 15mm and 5 x 11mm follicles on the left as well as numerous smaller follicles on each. Lining is also tracking well. Today is the first day I've felt considerably uncomfortable in the tummy - just a real feeling of fullness and just a bit odd.

Due to number of follicles we may need to do a freeze all cycle as the clinic is still worried about the number of follicles and ohss chances. I hope we dont have to do that but understand too. Just keeping my chin up, eating loads of protein and lots of water.

I hope everyone is doing well - and responding to and coping wth their meds as best as possible

M x
Thanks for all the info ladies!

Such a hard process, so many ups and downs along the way fingers crossed it all go's well for everyone, do you all know dates for your transfers yet?

Good luck Faerie77, you're right it only takes 1!

Hoping your lucky and miss out on OHSS and can do your transfer Melby.

Big day tomorrow for scans right SunnyCoastB?

Look forward to hearing how you all go...

K x
Tomorrow Wednesday is big day for a few of us.
I have egg Collection. Really scared last time I was in so much pain afterwards. My scan on Friday showed there wasn't many good follicles 4 on one side and 3 on other. Monday scan the lady said there 8 on one side but there few small ones in there. I had my trigger shoot last night at 10pm. I had pain on and off for past two days feels like I'm going to burst and vomit. I'm hopping at least we get a few fertilised this time. Possible frozen ones as well.
Even better happy healthy pregnancy that doesn't end in loss like my others.
I will let use know Thursday when I know what happened.
Good luck for your embies.
Good luck Simplepeach! Thinking of you Kx
Hi ladies!

Melby- I wouldn't worry too much if you miss out on transfer this month (easier said than done I know!). It's just that I've read from a lot of people's experiences that the success rate for transfer from frozen are better. The reason being you haven't had to go through all the injections and meds which can throw things out for your body. So leading into a frozen transfer can be kinder to the body and make it more likely to stick. Hopefully you don't get OHSS as that's no fun either! Fingers crossed for you.

Simplepeach- I was terrified of my egg collection! Like so very scared. My last pickup was incredibly painful after. I let my doctor and the Anethetist know and they made sure to load me up with pain relief both at the hospital and for when I came home. Plus I made sure to get some rest the following days and not feel guilty about it. Remember to be kind to yourself. It's not a walk in the park this thing we are doing to our bodies!!

Not good news for me this morning. We are down to one emby. It should have gone from 8 cells to compaction overnight, but it's only at ten cells. This is what happened on our last cycle. As we were driving out the door with a full bladder on our way to transfer, they told us not to bother coming in. Trying to be realistic about our chances, but I think I'm more coming across as negative and pessimistic to hubby and family. Guess we'll find out tomorrow.
Take care all xxx
Good luck SimplePeach86 - I hope it all goes smoothly.

Thanks Faerie77 - I'm confident that the Dr will do what is best for me and try and achieve the end result, so I have faith in that if he advises that then its the right thing.

Faerie77, are you doing ICSI? Did they change anything from the first round to this round?

I have my fingers crossed that the development progresses overnight smile

M x
Yes we are doing ICSI. The Doc changed a lot from first round. I took DHEA for the month before & increased my dosage of my FSH Gonal F. He wasn't worried about overstimulation as he doesn't think I'm prone to it.
Last time we got the same number of eggs, but only 4 were mature and only 1 fertilised. (Not ICSI, just all chucked in the Petrie dish! ) This time we got 6, all mature and 4 fertilised. So better results, but at the end of the day if we don't get one to implant, where do we go from here? Feeling pretty despondent. The nurse just called me again and said the lab told her it's not looking good. She didn't even say that last time. So I guess it's time to prepare for the worst. sad
Oooh hon, I am so sorry to hear the nurses response.

Try and stay positive that if this isn't your cycle, then the dr will have ideas/new protocols for the next cycle - particularly if there was a good improvement from cycle one to cycle two.

I completely feel for you - its hard to start preparing/guarding yourself for bad news whilst trying to stay positive - but do try and keep your eyes on the big picture. Take the time to look after yourself and hubby regardless of the outcome.

Hugs xx
Really feeling for you Faerie77 hopefully all will be ok and if not I second what melby said that next time the doctor will have something new to try, especially since this time is better than last time. Still try to stay positive it's not over just yet smile

In the beginning you think the only reason IVF wouldn't work is if the embryo doesn't implant but before that we actually have to stay healthy and get a viable embryo.

Thinking of you all xx
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