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Feb 2015 IVF#1 TTC#1 Rss

Hay girls.
Sorry i havnt been on.
Been little down.
On my second day of my cycle. Had my first injection today 250 mg. Ultrasound Monday.

We should meet up on Facebook or something. I'm in a great ivf group.
Or we can start one up.
Best of luck to all the ladies starting their injections. I wish you all the best in your follicle growing, and hope your abdominal swelling does not get too uncomfortable! smile

I'm currently counting down the days until the 10th March to hopefully see a tiny sac and hear a heartbeat. I've been told that this is an important growth time and will indicate weather my BFP is viable. I'm so not good at all this waiting!

Looking forward to hearing about your experiences to help me pass the time.
Hi ladies!

I too am guilty of being absent this week. Still no cycle day 1 ???? Had bloods drawn yesterday to see what is going on - apparently my levels are in fact dropping and my period should come this weekend (if not by Tuesday - more bloods).

Ive cancelled my work trip in March as i was becoming anxious about my dates pushing over as it seems im not going to respond as expected to the meds.

A little annoyed as im so ready and feel like the injections are teasing me everytime i open the fridge! Haha!

Still staying positive though as i just figure the drs will be extra vigilant with the monitoring given my current situation.

One thing i have been having on the nasal spray is mad hot flushes - im talking full fledged sweats which occur at rather inconvenient times haha!

Fingers crossed that next week is better.

Welcome to the new ladies.

SunnyCoastB - do keep us updated - we are all waiting with you ????

SimplePeach - I hope the weekend is relaxing for you and you start to feel better soon.

Much love xx
hi ladies,
i didnt read all the posts, but id like to throw my support in the ring, we had unexplained fertility too, both aged 38 got public funding (only 18 months!!!) very slow swimmers from the other half and out of 7 harvested eggs, only one fertilised, we were successful.. first attempt, totally blown away and now that one wee fertilised egg is a 9 month old beautiful baby girl, so fingers crossed it might happen to you too
Hi all!
I'm on the IVF journey too. Our second cycle this month. Using Gonal f to stimulate.
KelB- I've used orgalutran (had it this morning actually!). It's not the most fun one, I must say. The needle is a bit harder to get in and it stings like a bugger for a bit after. I've also used the crinone. Bit messy, but other than that, better than a needle. Some people say the side effects of the crinone are annoying, but I wasn't on it for long enough last time to know. (Didn't get to transfer stage)
Far out the effects of the other meds are enough! So blasted and cranky!!
Best of luck all
Its here! Its here! Its here! Cycle Day 1!

Yipeeeeeeee ????????????

YAY Melby! Good luck with things. Keep us posted smile
SimplePeach86 - how are you feeling this far into your stims?

SunnyCoastB - how are you going during all this waiting?

KelB - Its now March, so April is just around the corner for you!

FunnyFace - 10th March is only a week away.

We had our baseline scan and bloods this morning (it was a public holiday in WA yesterday so couldn't do Monday morning). All is looking okay - the nurse did count 17 follicles on the left and 16 on the right - which is high I think, but given my age, not unexpected. She did say I would be closely monitored with that number for OHSS. Just waiting for results of bloods then if all okay, will begin with a catch up injection after work, then start mornings as of tomorrow morning.

Paid for the cycle this morning - that makes it real!

Hope you are all well smile

M x
Hi Girls,

I have been absent lately as well, We are lucky to be skiing in Japan this week, great way to pass the time until April smile

Thanks for the info Faerie, I guess there is not many good things to say about any of the drugs, but at least they will HOPEFULLY bring us 1 step closer to a BFP!!!

If I'm right next week looks like a big week for a lot of us...

Melby, Simplepeach86, and Faerie77 all waiting for retrieval and SunnyCoastB waiting for ultrasound, so much waiting, but all for good news i hope!

Congratulations Danice on your little girl!

Also Simplepeach86, Facebook groups won't work so well for me as it is blocked in China!

I have my fingers crossed for all of you xxx
Wow ladies, it is all happening!
Melby, your folicle count is awesome! I predict great outcomes smile

Kel B, I was on the Syrinal nasal spray and Gonal F for stimulation, but am now still on the Crinone, Pessaries, Ralovera and Progynova. Two are tablet form, the other two are inserted! In terms of side effects, I get hot flushes and can be short of breath, but otherwise it is all good. Can't really complain. Jealous of the skiing in Japan, but what a nice way to pass the time and keep you in a relaxed mindset!

Melby, just submitted my Medicare claims and since I have surpassed the threshold all Medicare expenses from here on out are almost completely refunded. One benefit from all the paying out!

I've been a bit tired the last couple of days, crashing at 7pm and sleeping through! I'm usually a night owl and normally can't sleep until after midnight, so it comes as quite a shock to the system! Not experiencing many symptoms, so worrying a bit about whether everything is alright. Can't wait for the scan to know either way. It is much easier to deal with truth than wondering about all the possibilities!

Hope all you ladies are managing those injections okay. I want reports on how long it took to inject the first one!
It is all happening! smile smile

First injection, about 5 minutes of fluffing around beforehand - i had the sweats so badly that I had a shower straight after! I ended up having my manfriend do it (he likes to be involved) - and I started laughing whilst we were counting down to pull the needle out - that part hurt as my tummy moved but it was my own fault!

This morning was a far greater success - he bought me in a coffee in bed along with the needle. Over and done with and barely even felt it to be honest - maybe I was still sleeping!

Hot flushes seems to have subsided today after starting the Gonal - please let them stay away!

Sounds like you need the sleep - I already can't make it through to 9.30pm, so I can't imagine how early I am going to crash once I get my bfp! haha!

Try not to worry yourself - the little one is in there and sounds like you're on a cocktail of meds to give it the best shot of sticking around. When is your next US? Next week?

Pessaries - what a delight - i look forward to that stage haha!

M x
Hi all
Sorry been away.
This cycle has knocked me for six. I'm so tired all the time and getting massive migraines.
I have my second ultrasound in the morning and more blood.

Faerie I'm on Orgalutran as well. I find if u tilt the needle at a angle when putting it in and put the stuff in and pull out fast and hold pressure it doesn't sting for as long. And don't injected ur other one close to it. I found out hard way. So tired this morning I did them next to each other it stung for good 8 min.

Crinone is bad I hated it last time. I had nasty uti ( urine infection) two lots of antibiotics and trip to hospital to fix it. And it kept make me touch bleed.
There doing something else this time. I had cream last time.

I hated the nose spray. I refused to use it. I end up using lucron injection instead.

Have use heard of ivf clinics call primary health.
There new around Australia.
Your ivf cycle is basically free. Well under $1000.

My last cycle i only had to pay $500. + $180
The $500 is for day surgery to pick up your eggs and put embryo back.
The $180 was cause I had to have bloods.
They like every one to have the AMH blood test thats only $68.
Medicare covers your drs visits. Medication. Ultrasound, bloods.
At first we was told we had to pay $380 for Meds but nope.

This time I won't have to pay the $500 cause my health fund will cover it now.
I go to the one in Town Hall Sydney.
I travel to it by train some times it takes two hours.

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