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Feb 2015 IVF#1 TTC#1 Rss

Hi Tams...there are a few of us at...
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Hi Ladies

Just thought I'd update you. We had our 12week scan today. Saw bub almost immediately on the screen which was so good after our previous ones!! Was so amazing smile

Everything looked as it should and got our first pictures wink also got put in the low risk category based on all
Our results which was nice. Now if just like the nausea to take a holiday for a few weeks!! I feel like I've been 'hungover' for the last two months!!

Hope your all doing well smile
Fantastic news FunnyFace!
That's great news FunnyFace, congratulations!!!
Hi Ladies!

Just touching base to let you know that we had our 12 week scan yesterday smile

All is looking fantastic, and ultrasound technician was extremely happy with the blood and scan results, putting us as low risk.

My uterus is yet to flip forward from its retroverted position, so I have to sleep on my tummy to give it a little help over the next week or so.

Hope you are all going well, happy and glowing!

M x
Congratulations ladies! You must be feeling pretty good after your 12 week scans. Hope you are doing well and not suffering too badly from the other side effects of pregnancy....morning sickness, frequent toilet breaks, hearing 'birth' stories from every person you meet, growing out of clothes...!

I had a check in scan on Friday to make sure my little one is growing ok. Measuring a bit under, but will find out more hopefully when I attent my next appointment. I'm now at 27 weeks, scary to think I enter the third trimester on Friday!

Hope all is well and that everyone is taking care of themselves smile
Hi All

Not sure if anyone still checks on here, I rarely do.

But I realised that many of us should hopefully due in the coming months! I hope you are all doing well and you have been lucky to have uneventful pregnancies so far!!

Hi FunnyFace!

Hope your pregnancy is progressing well smile All good over here, the heat has gotten to me this last few weeks but just a reminder to me to slow down a bit and that I cant do all I used to be able to with this belly!

Very excited to be in the home stretch of the third trimester now and waiting for out little bubba! Very much looking forward to finding out if I have been carrying a little boy or girl!

Hope everyone is well and progressing nicely smile

M x
Hi Ladies,

Great to hear from you girls! Everything is going well for me, I'm 31 weeks and loving that it's coming into winter over here in China, don't think I could cope with the heat back home! Just started bumping my tummy on everything, and realising that I really need to slow down in the last week or so. We are having a little girl, and just had our most recent appointment and ultrasound on Saturday, she has turned around and everything is looking good, just a waiting game now. Will start on the nursery this week! I can't believe how far we have come since the start, can't wait to meet her smile

K x
Hi ladies

Just thought I would check in with you all!! I had a crazy last few weeks at work leading up to Christmas! Finishing work at 34 weeks and then getting caught up with Christmas and New Years! I was looking forward to a few weeks of rest and catching up on stuff around the house before our little one arrived.

But we had a surprise arrival on 11 January with our little man deciding at 37 weeks he'd had enough and was ready to enter the world. I ended up with an un-planned c-section due to a failure to progress. After a visit to special care and then a few days together in hospital we are now home and recovering.

If you haven't had hubs yet really do make the most of getting some rest whenever you can!!

I hope you are all well!!
Congratulations FunnyFace! That is truly wonderful news smile Glad baby is well and only a short visit to special care. Hope all are settling in well at home! smile

All is good here, Dr is anticipating a "large" baby (but I'm not so sure... I just don't feel that big!), so may look to be induced early but we will decide next week once we have another growth scan (@ 37w5d).

Finishing work this Friday CANT WAIT to put my feet up, hopefully I get at least a week to rest before baby arrives!

M x
I can't believe you are still working!! I had well and truely had enough by 34 weeks, you are a machine!

They do say those scans are only a guess and aren't always accurate. My obstetrician never actually mentioned Elliots size which I was happy about, I didn't need to think about that wink

Enjoy the time you have with you hubby before Bub arrives, it is lovely but was glad to have some time together before the craziness! Just simple things like going for breakfast/lunch.

All the best!! It is a roller coaster but so worth it smile
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