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Feb 2015 IVF#1 TTC#1 Rss

So glad to hear you arrived safely!! I am sure your husband was also VERY pleased to see you as well.

We are only a couple of days apart aren't we? (I remember yours was late January). I have my first midwife appointment tomorrow morning. No idea what to expect! Don't meet the Obstetrician till around week 14.

I need to get through till the end of next week then I have holidays for two weeks! So far i have nausea that comes and goes and bloating that I never expected but *fingers crossed* I have avoided actually being sick!! I hope you are feeling better!!!
Hi Ladies!

Measuring 7w4d with an estimated due date of 15th February smile

Got to see the heart beating - what an experience! Still surreal that we did it ourselves.

Hope you are all travelling well.

M x
That is so exciting!!!

I can't believe the three of us ended up with due date all within three weeks wink

How have you been feeling Melby? We're at 9w3d and I've been feeling somewhat better this week, though then I get a bit nervous!

But after 2.5 years I try and stay as positive as possible and be thankful I'm not as sick as I know friends have been!!
I know!! I love that we are 3 weeks between us smile

Its been so great to have you ladies to bounce off and now we can go through the next phase doing the same smile

I have been feeling fine - nothing to report - one day of morning sickness to date, but I also had a bad headache that day, so I think the vomiting was triggered by that (which isnt unusual for me).

How are you feeling?

You are so very lucky!!!

I've avoided the vomiting just nausea which is manageable. I also have some wonderful bloating and gas!! Lots of burping!!

The last few weeks fatigue set in but not as bad as I have heard it can be. I'm looking forward to the holidays and getting to rest smile
Hi ladies.

I just wanted to say congrats to u all and thanks so much for all of the posts. smile I've spent the last hour or so reading them all. I'm just about to embark on my first Ivf cycle at the end of the month and you have all put my mind at ease.....u have even inspired me to start a new topic and see if any other girls are going to start this new journey. So thanks again and all the best with your pregnancies. grin
Hi girls,

Hope you're all still going well!

We had our 12 week appointment yesterday and got to see our little one on the ultrasound! Absolutely a surreal experience, I can't believe that we are at this stage it all seems like a dream ???? I was so so nervous leading up to it but all is well thank goodness! Measuring perfect size exactly 12 weeks, spot on for our egg collection day! The doctor was having a hard time getting a good picture, he said it was moving around all over the place, very active!

We are over the moon and started telling people today, can't believe how lucky we were on our first go!

Good luck with your journey Surfinbecca, it is tough but totally worth it all!

K x

KelB - how wonderful you are now able to shout it from the rooftops! I hope all is well with hubby, and you are feeling settled back in China.

All is good here - 9 weeks today and seeing Obs for our first appointment on Friday - exciting smile

Surfinbecca - good luck with your journey - I hope you find some other women to go through the journey with - I have to say, this forum has been wonderful and made me feel that I am not alone stepping into what was a big unknown. My fingers are crossed for you smile

M x
Thanks KelB and Melby smile Finger and toes crossed and every thing in-between. Enjoy every moment girls smile

KelB - so glad to hear things are going so well!! I hope you have settled back into life with your husband!

Melby - I hope your first appointment goes well today smile I also hope you are feeling well!!

I am doing well. Have my 12 week scan booked for next Thursday and then Obstetrician the following Thursday. We told my family last weekend (on my birthday) but we are still keeping things quite for a little longer as I don't plan to tell work until the end of August.

Have signed up for my first 'mum's' group. The midwifes at my obstetrician run a Mum's group for first time mums so by the time hub arrives you already have a bit of a support group. I have also been looking into fitness classes to start in the coming weeks to try and keep as fit as possible.

Surfinbecca & Shazziexx Good luck with the journey. It can be so helpful to have a support network of those who know what you are going through. It can be a serious roller coaster ride so make sure you take care of yourself!
Thanks Funnyface. Enjoy the new role as mummy smile
Hi Girls... I have loved reading about your journey over the last couple of days(don't spend too much time on a computer).... Congrats to those of you who have been successful! I am about to start my first IVF cycle at the end of the month so this forum has been extremely helpful... I am a little nervous, excited, worried, unsure but I am sure all will be fine....

Surfinbecca and Shazziexx good luck and hopefully we will all have good news soon xxx
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