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Feb 2015 IVF#1 TTC#1 Rss

Thank you girls! x
KelB I am so happy for you, congratulations!!!
I am somewhat hopeful my period might show up by the end of the week. Been having some 'mild' symptoms and today I ate the Easter Bilby that has been sitting up on my shelf all term (just over 4 weeks). I had noticed in the last 6 months that I do tend to seek out chocolate a few days before so *fingers crossed* would like to get on with the next steps!

Melby *fingers crossed* your tests come back improved tomorrow!! Hope your body has finally decided to play nice wink
Oooo FunnyFace fingers crossed for you! I am exactly the same and only realise after I eat a whole block of chocolate that it's because of AF haha!

How is everyone else traveling?
Yeah I really didn't work it out till late last year!! Since I haven't had it the last two months thanks to all the medication I had kind of forgotten about it smile
Cycle cancelled. Absolutely devastated.

Still not responding, so no way we will get the transfer done before next Thursday. Basically we have just run out of time sad

Sitting in my office, blinds drawn, crying my eyes out, eating cake sad
Oh Melby I'm so sorry, it's not fair we can put everything we have into it and we still can't control our bodies sad thinking of you xxx
So sorry to hear that!! Can't even imagine how devastated you must be sad

Time for wine and a long hot bath!!
Melby I'm so sorry you're crushed. It totally sucks but I hope you take some time to lick your wounds, look after yourself and then speak to the professionals about next steps.
Hi Girls,

How is everyone after the week end?

Melby, how are you are you ok? Have been thinking about you all wk end. All ready for Bali?

FunnyFace any sign of AF?

K x
Hi lovely KelB!

I am doing okay, just enjoyed a few wines over the weekend and regrouping/preparing ourselves for when we get back. Bali couldn't come soon enough smile looking forward to recharging the batteries, see our beautiful friends get married and come back ready to pop an embryo back in and it be successful!!

I hope you are feeling well and looking after yourself! smile smile

M x
I hope you can take some time for yourself and recharge your batteries Melby!!

I spent the weekend enjoying some wine and other foods in hoping will be off the menu in the future, assuming my period would show! Was having the usual symptoms some cramps etc Friday and Saturday. I finally thought I'd put my mind at ease and did a pregnancy test yesterday, just as I was about to start a large glass of wine, and a second line appeared!! I'm still not getting excited, after our previous chemical, but the first response and the clearblue I promptly went out and bought all came back positive.

I've booked a Drs appointment for Saturday morning and if it's still positive then I might start letting myself get excited!
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