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Feb 2015 IVF#1 TTC#1 Rss

KelB, I am so excited for your blood test and that two different brands now have read positive. I'm still crossing fingers and toes that your bloods will confirm it tomorrow, keep us posted!

The 60% likelihood of bad embryos is based on a few factors, age and what their lab usually sees.

We have a 2-3 week wait now, but others have said could be more like 4-6 weeks. I guess we will see.

Hubby was home again on the weekend and we discussed what to do if we get 0/3 or 1/3 good embryos. Whilst we want to get pregnant and have a child now, we are also thinking about future proofing the family planning, whether it would be a good idea to do a full cycle of IVF again so we can potentially freeze some more healthy candidates (if that was possible). Otherwise age being a big factor, we may not get a chance to go through this again without risking high egg decay and may miss out on #2 (if its even possible to have #1)!

Also hard to miss out on another month, but hopefully hubby can make it home and we can keep trying the old fashioned way!

Interesting fact that the scientist gave us this morning when he called: Given that we had 14 mature eggs, it is the equivalent of going through 14 months of cycles. Since only 3 eggs made it to blastocyst stage, that means only 3 of those 14 months would have had any chance. And thats not even considering the fact that we used ICSI. And of those 3, some or all may still not have the right number of chromosomes. So basically highly unlikely we would have gotten pregnant the "usual" way given the factors that affect us.

Anyway I guess good that we did IVF but I guess we never have those sliding doors moments where we could experience the alternate ending.

Hard also to think about going through another full IVF round so soon. I've put on 5kgs without even trying. Has everyone else experienced weight gain through the IVF cycle? Did the weight come off pretty easy (when AF came), or was it more than bloating?
Like the others we didn't do any testing, though we have unexplained infertility and while I'll be 34 this year still have a bit of time on our side. Though Corbes like you I had thought would it be worth doing another fresh cycle straight up to get some frozen for if we want #2, assuming we get #1 as by the time we'd be getting to that point id just be increasing my risk and reducing odds.

KelB that sounds very positive, it won't be to do with the trigger! Good luck tomorrow!! A positive on the clearblue is a great sign!!

I'm over flashing smiley faces! The box actually says to stop after 9 as it's unlikely you'd get the peak but since I had the extras I thought I'd keep testing.... Think I'm up to 12 or 13!! Was assuming id eventually go back to the blank circle but no such luck. Based on that my eostrogen is still at a high level. Have one stick left so will see what happens tomorrow. Though if I'd been basing things on my old school ovulation tests I would have said my positive was last weekend, though I didn't have any other signs. So I'll just have to wait and see!

Melby I hope all is going well with the higher dose?! I'm feeling a bit flat as our transfer won't be until at least July with the HRT cycle and if I've worked it out if we get to do both FET and they aren't sucrssful it will be November before we do another full cycle. I know I shouldn't think that way but I kind of committed myself to this for this year and hoped we get a few more 'goes' over the year.
As for weight gain I put a couple of kgs on and felt VERY bloated! I don't get particularly bloated regularly so wasn't expecting it. You may find because of how well you responded your even more bloated then most would be, keep up the water!

During my two week wait I dropped 2kgs without doing anything except giving up wine wink

I've found the emotional side of things took more of a toll then I expected, particularly when my period showed up two days before the blood test. No matter how I'd tried to be positive and say id be ok it took me a while to deal with it. I've only just felt up to getting back to my fitness last week! Hoping that will improve our odds for future cycles smile and get rid of the extra kgs I'm carrying (I'm pretty fit but I know I'm carrying too much weight, even though my Dr hasn't actually raised it).
KelB you mentioned tomorrow being your last day of the crinone, you know if it's a positive you continue with that of pesseries for the best part of the first trimester?
Ooooh FunnyFace, I feel like we are mirrors of each other at the moment - maybe its this awful weather we are copping in Perth at the moment!?

Try not to worry about the flashing smiley faces, enjoy yourself, hot baths and wine time - because you can! smile

On Friday I lost it upset and down about the whole situation (whereas until then I had been completely composed and positive) and called my partner in a world of upset. I was at work so had to pull myself together and push through. I think my emotional state is due to the tight time frames we now have before we have to head away (bali) for a wedding - not to mention the additional week of injections on top of what I had planned for due to lack of response.

Had our appointment this morning, still not an amazing response... lining is good, 9mm and our lead follicle is sitting at 16mm - had quite a rough time trying to measure if and am feeling tender now. 23 small follicles on each side. Need to wait for blood results this afternoon to see how we go from there.

So now we wait... for a change wink

Corbes, I think about it like that too - our 10 eggs would have been 10 months of trying, so its nice to get that much out of the way all at once. I hope your testing comes back excellent on all 3 embies! Fingers crossed.

KelB - bloods today!?!? If so, I cant wait to hear the confirmed news smile smile

38andtrying - Welcome aboard! Good luck! I was 5 or 6 days late for AF after down reg, and 11 days late this cycle - the hormones do the strangest things to a normally perfect cycle. Good luck with your bloods tomorrow!

Look after yourselves ladies.

M x
Ok, got the call. Levels are rising, but VERY SLOWLY.

We are to increase Gonal F to 75 from tomorrow and re-do blood test Thursday morning.

If we aren't triggering on Thursday night/Friday night, we will have to cancel this cycle as we fly out Thursday night next week.

Feeling a rather annoyed at my body at the moment!
Melby I hope the upped dose will get things moving! I can't imagine how frustrating that is, particularly when you have something so you would have to cancel. Not being able to commit to events in the future is hard enough. *fingers crossed* for Thursday's results coming back the way you need it to!

I am glad I am not the only one having serious ups and downs. Most of the time I feel positive but every now and again it just hits me and I go through the 'why us' thought pattern, which is not remotely helpful! I think I am also preparing myself for dealing with my extended family in a few weeks for a family get together. All of my cousins will be there with their kids and I know we will get the 'so when are you guys going to have one' or if I show any interest in the babies 'you are so good at that you guys should have your own' or my all time favourite 'you don't want to leave it too long!'. I know they mean well and that I am guilty of asking those questions in the past but it gets old quickly!
And I have taken your advice Melby and I have opened a bottle of wine! Don't even care that it is a school night wink

Now we wait and see if my body will behave or it will again not play nice!
Hi girls,

After a day of feeling really stressed, grumpy and down waiting for my blood test results I finally got the call... I am pregnant! Beta 280, I felt sick when the phone rang and almost didn't want to answer it just incase it was bad news. We are so happy and just can't believe it's real after all of this time! It's early days yet so now waiting for the U/S in about 3 weeks to confirm it! I haven't been able to consentrate on anything all night!

Also I'm done with the progesterone they say I don't need it which I'm over the moon about but also hope that's the right call!!

Hang in there girls, I have everything crossed that you can get started ASAP!

K x
Congratulations!! That is such great news KelB. It is always nice to hear the positives, makes me hopeful it will sort itself out smile
Congratulations KelB, that is fantastic news! You must be so excited smile
CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting! So happy for you KelB xx
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