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Feb 2015 IVF#1 TTC#1 Rss

Yay! I have my fingers and toes crossed for you - what a relief ????
How are you feeling? I hope the transfer wasnt too uncomfortable...

Yes, a week tomorrow until i start the nasal spray... eeek!

It's getting closer Melby! What is in the nasal spray???

Simplepeach86 - really sorry to hear your last cycle didn't work out, but great to hear you are going in for another round next month. I have heard that it can take more than one cycle for things to work. So your percentages will surely increase from here smile

SunnyCoastB - fabulous news!!! I'm looking forward to hearing how things go. The TWW is going to be a looooong one!

Sending lots of positive thoughts to all of you. We still aren't quite ready yet, but still hoping to get started sometime in the next few months.

All the very best ladies smile
Hi Ladies,

I think you will find the nasal spray pretty harmless. Can't wait to hear about how long it takes you to work up the courage to inject your first needle. I stared at it for a good few minutes before I took the plunge and realised it was relatively painless! After that it was a breeze!

Buzzles, I think the nasal spray stops the ovulation process while the stimulation allows the production of multiple ovary follicles ... or something along those lines! The trigger loosens the eggs from the follicles which allowed them to be aspirated during collection.

My egg collection procedure occurred while I was under sedation, so passed quick! I woke up hungry with a number written on my hand and that was that. After it was done, I was a little sore for the day. The transfer literally took a matter of minutes and was no more intrusive (and shorter in terms of time) then my scans.

I've been busy enough that I haven't overthought the wait too much so far. However was rather saddened when a colleague lost her baby at 18 weeks on Mon. Makes you realise that even if, unlikely as it may be, I do get a positive result, there are still a lot of milestones to get through. I think the first round is often seen as a baseline for finding out how your body responds to the stimulation, so at least I will have some information if I can aford to try again.

Bring on the 23rd! Thanks for your support smile
10 days to go SunnyCoastB - do you have some lovely valentines day plans to keep you occupied? Are you feeling well?

I will definitely keep you updated on the injection side of things - I should be starting them 24/25th Feb. I do take comfort in you saying that it was a breeze after the first one.
I have some work travel planned, which is looking like it may need to be cancelled given the tight turnaround - will be discussing with the nurses and Dr on Tuesday.

So sad for your colleague, heartbreaking. Its unbelievable really what you take for granted until you start a process like this - I mean in my naivety I always thought this baby-making-difficulty-stuff was a rarity - when in fact its quite common. Its nice to have you ladies to touch base with throughout.

Fingers are crossed for you during the TWW SunnyCoastB smile

I've been feeling pretty normal I think. A little bloated at times, and my bra is fitting a bit tighter than usual! My understanding is that you cannot read anything into the way your body feels during TWW as all the things we have been putting into our bodies can produce a range of side effects that are similar to what those conceiving naturally experience as indicators of pregnancy. It is hard not to wonder though, when you get a bit of a twinge in the tummy, just what is happening inside!

My collection and pick up, because my stimulation cycle was extended by 4 days, made my work schedule messy too. I have just started a newly developed role in my field and had compulsory training with 300 others from across the state...and had to leave early to do the transfer! If the dates had have gone according to schedule I would not have had any problems, but of course my body needed extra days to mature folicles so I was left scrambling. Hope your schedule turns out more smoothly than mine. Three hours stuck in traffic to get back, then arrived at the same time as the doctor, who made a point of telling me that I was late when I caught the lift with her. Turns out I was on time...just. She had read her schedule incorrectly. But made for a few uncomfortable moments.

I agree, it is kind of ironic how we spend much of our lives on birth control trying to manage the right time to have kids, and turns out it is much harder than we thought. One of the specialist I spoke to gave me the statistics on naturally conceived birth rate...seems it was not as high as we were all led to believe in high school sex ed class!

I hope your work travel and your cycle all work out. You are probably already aware, but there are some excellent training videos for how to give yourself the injections on YouTube. I paid attention to the nurse and felt confident with it all, but second guessed that I had it correct just as I needed to do it, so googled and watched it to give myself piece of mind!

Good luck on Tuesday!
Hi all,
I am just about to start IVF and though I'd say hi and join the thread. I'm 29 and DH is 36, another of those 'unexplained infertility' cases as all the initial testing came back normal and healthy. We have our first consultation with the IVF dr next week so getting a bit nervous!! Hope he is as nice as my OBGYN has been.
Thanks SunnyCoastB for the info on what to expect, and good luck everyone with your baby making!
Hay everyone.

I hate the ttw it felt like it would never end.

I am just waiting for my period to start than I can start my icsi cycle. It's 17th Feb they should be here 24 well hopping. Last month they was late.
My picture was my puffy belly of last ivf cycle.
Hi Ladies,

I've just gotten into work after our counselling session, bloods and picking up all our drugs. Feeling confident but it also feels really surreal leaving the FS with a coolerbag of drug pens.

SunnyCoastB - Thanks for such an in-depth post - makes me feel more comfortable with your descriptive feels!! My 1st shot should be early next week. You really are pushing towards the tail end of the tww - i so hope it is good news for you!

Mrs Duck - Welcome - I hope your first appointment goes well and your Dr is lovely - god knows that is so important to find a good Dr!

Simplepeach86 - 24th should by my cycle day 1 also, provided the nasal spray doesn't delay it (which it shouldn't apparently)

Hope everyone is feeling well and positive for the adventures to come

Wow ladies, not long now. Make sure you wear all of your skinny clothes this week before the inflated ovaries and bloating kicks in wink

Looking forward to hearing about your experiences!

Feels like the 2ww is taking forever. Monday has never seemed so far away. I mean, who looks forward to Mondays, right?! Could be crushed or tentatively excited. Had a sore throat and runny nose this weekend, so hopefully that will not effect anything.
Melby I hated the nose spray. It would make me gag when I used it for the cycle.
I end up asking for lucron - think thats how u spell it. Havnt used it in long time.
We are at different place and they don't deal with nose spray at all just pen injections.
Think its now called ontagnigal cycle.

I had to take my cooler bag home on the train with me. I held on to it so tight, think I was more worried about my bag full of drugs than my hand bag lol.

Melby looks like we maybe doing the cycle together. Exciting.

All the best ladies
Love Jessica.
Okay ladies, I have to confess. The wait has been excruciating...felt lots of fullness and twinges, have been visiting the loo a lot more frequently and feel very different to normal. Hungry ALL the time, thirsty too. Never felt so tired, even had an afternoon nap last weekend, which I never do. With my BETA test on Monday, when I had to refill my script last night I picked up some HPTs (Home Preg Test)! I managed to hold off until this morning as the HCG is supposed to be more concentrated in the morning. Got a kit that is 25mlU sensitive and POAS ( Pee On A Stick) this morning. I got two pink lines. Will repeat for the next couple of mornings (I got the three pack) and see if the result is consistent- and make sure I didn't pee on it wrong! Who would have thought waiting two weeks could feel soooooooooo long?

Hope your wait to start stimulation has been less painful!
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