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Feb 2015 IVF#1 TTC#1 Rss

So, it turns our that 37.5 Gonal F doesn't do anything for my levels - at all. We are now moving to 50 per day and having bloods/scan Monday morning to see if that has progressed things.

The way things are going, my TWW will be poolside in Bali as we are headed over there for a wedding - not such a bad thing! smile

M x
Melba great that you think your 2WW will be poolside, what a way to do it!

KelB I am crossing my fingers for your lines to continually get darker. And mental note to go buy the first response POAS tests from the supermarket. The clearblue digital ones are so expensive and never give me the answer I want anyway!

I was joking with hubby that after spending all this money it would be murphys law we get pregnant in between waiting for the FET. Wishful thinking but completely unlikely. Plus it might help if he was actually here and back from deployment...

I am counting down hours until tomorrow (Day 3) to see how our guys and girls are playing in the petri dish!
Hope the increased dose helps Melby!!

The box of 3 First Response Pregnancy Tests are on sale for just under $15 at Woolworths at the moment (happened to walk past them today while at the shops after work).

Part of me is frustrated that the longer this cycle takes to end the longer it will be to do our FET but I need to learn I can't control everything, you think I would have worked that out already?!

I actually know someone who did something like 8 cycles of IVF to get pregnant with their first and then got pregnant naturally with their second after two failed FETs, or something very similar to that (It is a very good friend's sister so I don't know the exact details but my friend, one of the few who knows about the IVF, just said don't rule out the 'break' cycles).

But I also know someone who 'discovered' she was pregnant while filling out her paperwork before seeing a fertility specialist, after two years of having been seeing what might happen, and that didn't happen for me!! no matter how much I hoped it would wink
So frustrating girls... Worst part of it all is the constant waiting!!! Melby hope the increase works for you and FunnyFace I hope this cycle gets its act together quickly so you can get started!

My 2nd line was darker again today, but I'm feeling a bit anxious or down about it, just because you really don't know if it's actually real, and I'm feeling a bit like I do just before I get my period so that's freaking me out a bit, although a lot of what I have read says that early pregnancy can have the same symptoms. I will keep testing though, so thanks for the tip about the cheaper tests! Tomorrow is a new day so we will see!

Corbes, I have my blood test on Monday but won't get my results until Tuesday as I will be out of town helping my mum move house so it will take a bit longer to get the results to the clinic, usually you should get them on the same day!

Hi girls,

The lab just called with the latest Day 3 report on how our embryos are going.

Day 1 we had 12 fertilise initially (ICSI), and 11 looked good, one was a slow responder.

So far we still have 11 going at Day 3:
9 had 6 cells or more
1 has 4 cells
1 looks abnormal but has the right amount of cells.

I know this is still early days as we have to get to blastocyst stage, but what were people's degradation rate between days 3 and 5?

We also have to decide if we have any viable ones on Day 5 whether to do the PGD genetic testing. Its expensive!!

Am off to woollies on the way home to get the first response tests on special, thanks for the tip!

Still have my fingers and toes crossed for your darker lines KelB smile
Wow Corbes you must be pleased with that amount! We had 6 at day 3,

2 eight cell
1 seven cell
3 six cell

We had the best 8 cell implanted on day 3 and 2 made it to blastocyst on day 5, 2 made it to blastocyst on day 7 and 1 didn't make it.

So looks like you're doing great!

My 2nd line looks the same as yesterday maybe a tiny bit darker but I could be imagining it haha! At least it's still there!


Also we didn't do genetic testing, our clinic only really does it if you have a specific reason.
Excellent numbers Corbes!

Of our 10 eggs, we had 1 immature, 2 no fertalisation, 4 fertalised abnormally, and the 3 that did fertalise normally at day 1 made it all the way through to blastocyst stage.

We didn't have very high hopes for one of those on transfer day, but by the next day, it had caught up and was also able to be frozen. So effectively we didn't have any degradation after day 1.

We did however do IVF, not ICSI - so probably not comparing apples to apples.

KelB - excellent news that the lovely line is still there smile

M x
Also, no genetic testing here either - not something we were really concerned at looking into at the moment this early on. I think if we achieved a pregnancy and encountered other issues, then we would take down that path in future cycles.
Hi new too this forum. I am Nz based and going through first round of IVF. I am currently on day 11 of down reg taking buserelin and have had little side effects thank goodness. Only being a little vague, and bloat/tigness around tummy.

Due for my first blood test on tuesday and then hopefully the go ahead for puregon injections. Hoping that goes as smoothly as this. Nerves kicking in a little and to be honest just cant wait to find out if everything is going ok. My AF is 5 days late and showing no sign of coming so hopefully that is ok, would hate to be told I have to start again or take buserelin for longer. Have loved reading how everyone else is going and cant wait to hear some success stories.. Hubby is great but to be honest probably sick of me researching stuff, he doesnt quiet get it seems to calm my mind rather than make it go mad. It kind of reminds me we are doing something and if we are lucky it will all work out!! We had to go private as we have unexplained infertility and have only been trying two years so we didnt qualify for funding. The ironic thing is by the time we would of been trying long enough, I still wouldn't qualify as I would be deemed to old. I turn forty at the end of the year.
Welcome to the thread 38!

So the latest update from us that we got the results from our Day 5 and Day 6 embryos.

Of the 11 from Day 3, 3 made it to blastocyst stage and all 3 we elected to perform PGD testing on. They are in the freezer now and we are now experiencing the testing wait as to whether they are all "normal" or have not the right number of chromosomes. I'm told we have a 60% chance of abnormal embryos so hopefully we get between one and three that are ok for FET.

How is everyone else going?
Welcome 38, the hardest part of all of this for me has been the waiting, you have to wait for everything every step of the way, so frustrating! My husband has been great but I do on occasion have to remind him that we can talk about it and share some excitement along the way! He gets really worried that I have my hopes up too high and then doesn't know how I'll cope if it doesn't work out so he tries to protect me! (I wonder if they are all a little bit the same smile ) got luck with the start of your treatment!

Corbes good news about your embies, how long do you have to wait for the test results and why is it a 60% chance? Is it a general figure or especially for you?

I have 1 more day of crinone which is great because my cramping and back ache has been pretty bad over the last few days sad it happens about 7-8 times during the day and wakes me 4-5 times through the night and lasts for about 20 mins each time. To me it's like really bad period pain which I'm used to so I can handle it but for anyone that's not used to it it's not good at all! Nurse days that's what it's from!

In other news I have been keeping the pregnancy test companies in business! I have been doing the first response each day and my 2nd line keeps getting darker and I did a clear blue digital yesterday mid morning and it said pregnant 2-3 weeks, which would be correct as EC was on the 1st of May, 2 weeks and 1 day ago!!! Both lines on today's first response were the same really dark! I'm excited but keep wondering if it still has something to do with the trigger??? Anyway won't have to wait too long my blood test is tomorrow and results on Tuesday! Only 2 more sleeps haha!

Also just to let you all know chemist warehouse has 3 packs of first response for $14.99 and 2 packs of clear blue digital for $17, bit cheaper than evokes smile
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