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Conceiving after Implanon Rss


My name is Hayley and i am new to Huggies. And new to the whole idea of forum's etc.
But my partner and i are TTC and i see how helpful everyone is here. SO, i thought why not put my worries down on paper and see if anyone has any words of wisdom for me.

So, what is stressing me out is that i had the Implanon in for 2 years and i had it removed in October 2013. I did not have 1 period whilst i had the implanon. I went straight on to the pill, as i had the Implanon removed due to weight gain & crazy moods, and my periods were still all over the place. Went off the pill once we had decided to TTC, i have had 1 period since (3 months ago) and i don't know what to do. SO, basically it has been 1 year since i had the Implanon removed and still no periods. How am i supposed to TTC?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I would love to hear that someone else has been in this situation and still gone on to conceive successfully.

Hi Hayley, I have no personal experience sorry but I do know that it can take a year or longer for periods to return after coming off hormonal implant birth controls. Maybe head to your doctor and ask for some blood tests to check what is going on? How old are you if you don't mind me asking?
Hi Kylie,

I am 22.
I have heard it can take that long for my cycle to return to normal. I have made an appointment to see my doctor this week. So, i am hoping she can shed some light on this for me.

Thanks for your advice.
Hmm I was on the depot provera for 4 years and put on weight so decided to stop it. It took about 1 and a half years-2 years for me to pregnant with our second baby (after two seemingly regular periods). I know I wasn't on the exact same birth control but they are similar - so hopefully that can shed some light for you. I've heard with the depot that it can take 18 months to 2 years to fall pregnant after stopping so may be similar for the implanon
Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. It will just be a waiting game for however long it takes for my body to return to normal. It's so stressful! Wish we hadn't made the conscious decision to try to fall pregnant and just let it happen when it happens. So hard to not let it take over your thoughts! Thanks for shedding some light ladies.
I was on the Depo for 8years up until march 2013 as I knew it can take 24 months to return to normal fertility and wanted to try for kids by the time I was 27. I didn't get a period until 3 months then nothing again for 3 months then spotted for a whole month so basically crazy! This year I have sort of settled down to a 34 day cycle but have skipped two cycles this year so 58-60 day cycles. I'm looking into natural ways to regulate if I don't get prego this month looking at Angus cactus and diet. Don't want more hormones.
Hi, I had the implanon in for 5 years (two implantations) and was told that as it is a slow release of hormones it would not take long for my body to return to normal. I had no periods with the implanon in and i did have different periods for a few months after it was removed but fell pregnant with my DS1 shortly after.
The contraceptive pill has a bigger effect on your system and depending on which one you were on will depend how long your body will take to return to normal. Best to get some tests with your GP as that will show if there are any underlying issues. Good luck.

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