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Hi All, I am new to TTC and I really wouldn't have any idea when I am ovulating and the symptoms outlined on websites like huggies do not really apply to me that I can tell (and as I am only new don't want to get into taking temps etc quite yet) Was just wondering if you have any other symptoms that are tell tale signs for you that you are ovulating?
Hi, Thanks for your response. I am sure I might find some of these signs do actually apply to me but because I have never been to interested in when I am ovulating before now I have just never noticed them. Anyway writing down any little thing in a diary that might be a 'symptom' so hopefully I start to see a trend soon smile
try using the huggies ovulation calculator. if your cycles are regular, its a gr8 help for knowing when to look out that u might be ovulating. at the very least it narrows down the amount of days you will be watching and keeping notes smile
I had no symptoms when ovulating! But I used a couple of the "Confirm" ovulation kits for two months (you can buy them cheaply off Ebay), and they were very reliable as to timing etc. (later confirmed by blood tests).
hey there im new to TTC too , and i also have no idea so your not alone smile xx
I am fortunate (or unfortunate) that I get amazing pain! Talking eye watering in bed pain got a few hours and the it's gone almost a quickly as it started.

I actually started noticing that I was getting quite a bit of sharp pain around my right ovary about 6 months ago. Since I had ovarian cysts (benign) removed when I was a teenager, I was a bit scared that the cysts were back. But my doctor sent me to get an ultrasound done and everything came back clear.

Then I googled the pain out of curiosity. Worked out that it always happened halfway through my cycle- when I would be ovulating!! Was so surprised that the doc didn't even mention it.

So anyway, I'll be relying on these little pains from next month! But you're meant to BD before you officially ovulate though, right? If I'm getting the pains, it might be a bit late?
Hi, everyone. Thanks for all your replies. Glad to hear I am not the only one who has no clue smile I have had very bad skin over the last week and according to the calculators I have used I should have been ovulating sometime in the last week. I usually have pretty clear skin, does anyone else get these sorts of things around their ovulation time?

Sucks that you get such bad pain come ovulation time but like you say, least the positive is you will actually know when you are! I guess if your cycles are fairly regular you will be able to work out the few days before to BD and well if you get it a little wrong you can never have too much practice smile
Hi Clear54321 - this is my 4th cycle since coming off the pill......i didnt really have much of a clue either in the beginning, but now i am fairly certain of around the time i o......bad skin is one of my signs.......i used to have perfect skin, now it seems to get bad around o, and also just before af arrives. I get the ovulation pain as well, and more sensitive boobs too. you will be all over it soon! checking your CM is a good tip as well, lots of little indicators that should help you out smile
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