Hi all.
Not planning to TTC until July but thought I would see what my options and stuff are early. I currently have two boys. Both born in different hospitals as I had moved house when the second was born. But I've moved back to the area where I was when the first was born, which means my local hospital is the same. I can not stand that hospital. It''s care is very poor.

My second born was at a great hospital, and in the midwives group practice, first one was just standard midwives clinic. Never done shared care or anything, so don't know much about it. I was just curious on my options in regards to maybe not going into the hospital at all. Is there a way I can do the care throughout, through a GP or what?

I plan on giving birth in a hospital, but we're moving again in Dec (hopefully) to a much much better area so am happy to go to the new hospital. I just want nothing to do with my local hospital during the pregnancy. Is there options for this? I have private health care but I don't have the pregnancy cover (and need it 12 months in advance to use it).

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance, and sorry for the longish post.