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Hi guys, I'm afraid things arent so good here, had a *** of a day, spent all day in the Womens Health Clinic, was suppose to get 2nd bloods done and a scan, decided I was too early for a scan so just bloods, got them done and was told to wait 2 hours for results...results didnt come, they stuffed it up repeatedly, 7 hours later they gave me my results and my hcg results were EXACTLY the same as 48 hours prior which was in their words HIGHLY unlikely but not impossible. Anyway I have now started cramping and heavier bleeding so it has been confirmed I am miscarrying, I had more bloods done again this avo to confirm the ones done earlier, still waiting for results, ive been sent home and told to wait it out and hopefully in the next few days I 'should' pass the 'sac', if not I should go back on monday.. not cool, obviously devastated and the whole process today was just awful. Anyway mentally Im actually doing OK, thanks for all your support everyone

aww im sending you massive big hugs Myrrah! im so sorry this has happened, i have never miscarried, so i have no idea what your going through, but i just wanted to offer you all of my support.

take care
Bel xo

Miscarriages are absolutely horrible!
My thoughts are with you.
Hello Myrrah

I'm so deeply sorry for your loss sad I've been following your journey (we have similar cycles at the same time).

Thinking of you

thanks guys, now that i know what happening i just want it to happen ya know, the limbo is possibly the worst bit, and hey at least I know me and dp CAN get pregnant now, dp has to work tonight too and i havent told anyone else that i was even preg so very much not looking forward to tonight home alone!

GBH! I am so sorry for your loss, Can't imagine what you are going through. I will be thinking of you xoxo

Im soooo sorry myrah. GBH and look after yourself

I'm so sorry to hear that.
Sending GBH your way xx

So sorry to hear this hun, had been crossing my fingers and hoping for good news for you sad

Maybe you have a close friend you could talk to, even though you hadnt told them yet and im sure they will understand and be there for you. Helps to have someone to talk too.
Massive hugs

Im getting so fed up with the health professionals, i got sent home with no info just told to wait it out and i should miscarry, and they were suppose to call back as soon as they got my last blood results to confirm because of the weirdness of the hcg being exactley the same, so finally another 6 hours later a completely new person rang me saying the last test the hcg had rised by 30 since this morning but that wasnt good enough.. i dont even get it anymore, and she was like "so you will have made an appoint to come back to us while you were here earlier" i was like No! they just sent me home i dont even know what im suppose to do! and she just told me to maybe give them a call back tomorrow morning when the same people were back on coz she didnt really know anything about it.. helpful!! GRRR

So frustrating how many chicks on here say similar things, Its bull *** that at such an emotional time they make life more difficult rather then easier!
I would definately be calling them tomorrow, just to get a straight answer out of them if nothing else. I imagine if your levels keep going down you will mc naturally but if not then you may need a d&c.... I hope that they sort everything out for you so know whats going on hun sad

I am so so sorry to hear that. sad Take care of yourself, thoughts and prayers are with you at this tough time.

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