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Problems with conceiving baby number 2 Lock Rss


We have a beautiful little boy aged 12 months who we concieved straight after comming off the pill. We have been trying to conceive baby number 2 for 9 months now and are getting frustraited as to what might be taking so long. I am going to see my Gyno at the end of the month as it is believed that I am not ovutaing every month. I breastfed my son for 3 months and got my period 4 months after he was born. Is there anyone out there having the same problem? If so are you seeking help to fall pregnant.
My second pregnancy took 12mths to eventuate, just as we were going to see a Dr. It may be hard but try not to think about it too much as stress will only add to the problem. Iwas told not to do anything about it untill at least 12mths.

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

I am happy to say that we are finally pregnant. After trying for almost 9 months we are expecting baby no.2

Thanks to everyone who read my post and to those who replied.

Congratulations Bel,

All the best with everything, keep us up to date?
When are you due?


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

hi connorsmum
im having the same problem at the moment to
connor is 11months old son and we really wanted
him to have a brother or sister close to his age.
i haven't had my period since april so its hard to
calculate when i ovulate.
We are having the same problem. We have a 2yr old boy and miscarried another baby a year ago and haven't been able to conceive since. Its is extremely frustrating so I know how you feel. I have just been sent for tests by my dr and they have come back clear. Maybe this next baby is just being stubbon just like its mum and dad??? After so many months of disappointment I have just come to the conclusion of "it will happen when it happen" just enjoy the ride (or the bding between!!!)
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Hi there-

I've finally concieved 10 months after a mc. My af was very irregular, and although a blood test revealed that I was ovulating, my oestrogen levels were very low, and the doc suspected that I wasnt ovulating every month. She prescribed clomid, (only a tiny dose), and I fell pregnant on the first cycle!

If you dont think you're ovulating, a blood test on day 21 of your cycle will reveal whether you have or not. Is your cycle regular? Have you tried ovulation tests? Many people have had success with them. The other thing I did last month is the old pillow-under-the-bum thing after bd'ing. I don't know if that's what helped, but it's the first month I did it after many people had recommended it.

Best of luck, and don't be afraid to insst on a blood test if you want one.

Hi i know how you feel, we have only been trying for the last 2 months, this is out 3rd but i havnt had a period in 7 months now so very had to work out what is going on but am going to see gyno in sept and he will prob put me on clomid (my dr told me this).
baby dust to all.

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