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AF was due yesterday!!! Lock Rss

Well AF was due yesterday and didnt come, i am so nervous, its all i can think about!!! i am going to wait till tomorrow before i get a test cause knowing my luck it will just be a little late.
Just a question to all those mums when do the signs start? i have nothing yet, im a lillte bloated but im guessing its from all the chocolate over easter. hehe smile
good luck to all

Sarah, Chloe 13 months

Hey Sarah! Will keep my fingers crossed for you! I had signs from the very start... I had cramping (which i put down to period about to come) & extreme tiredness.. still have it... they were the first 2 that i had & i got them pretty much straight away. Everyone is different though so what happens to one person may not happen to the next... my SIL has been through 2 pregnancies with no tiredness, no sickness nothing... im the opposite....

Let us know how you go tomorrow..

Ella: 2 years Eden: 1 year

Hi SarahnGordon,

I didn't have any symptoms at all. Both times as well. I am currently just over 8 weeks pregnant with #2. Only in the last 3 days I've gotten really bloated too...which is apparently a common symptom which can start really early too!

How exciting that you are overdue. I hope you are preggers so you can join us in the fun!!!!

Let us know how you go... have you noticed your boobs growing/sore (esp the nipp area!!) Thats another really common symptom aswell.

best wishes to you!
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