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Has anyone got pregnant when they were late taking b/c pill? Lock Rss

Hi Guys,
I am stressing a wee bit as my husband and i had sex lastnite and I was late talking my mini pill 2 days before. We did actually use the withdrawl method but i know myself that this method is not reliable as my first born child was conceived this way by accident of course!!! Has anyone become pregnant by using withdrawl method and missing the pill??

christina - 3 darling children

Hi with my first i forgot 1 pill and 4 weeks later i was preggy. but that doesnt mean its going to happen to everyone. and now im trying for my second and we have been trying for 6 months now and still nothing. so i wouldnt start stressing yet just wait and see. i hope this helps a little.


Yep - I got pregnant whilst on the pill. Never missed a day of taking it and baby still arrived! The mini pill is supposed to be a little less i think it has a 96% contraception rate versus the normal pill which is 99% success. (i was obviously in the 1%!!)

hope you get the result your after!!

Yes and I'm due in september but really happy about it. I was on the mini-pill and was 1 day late taking it!

before i got prego i toke the pill for about a month and went off of it i didnt tak the pill for 2 years go prego the year before had my baby last year and im sorta taking the pill. whats the withdrawel method i havent heard of it before
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