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Hi - this is my fifth pregnancy (excluding a miscarriage in jan) but to a new partner - i am 9 weeks pregnant, and there is a 9 year gap, i have never been so nausated in all my life my other pregnancies werent this bad. i was wondering if there are any other over 35's, I am concerned about my age and dont know what the pregnancy holds for older woman.
hi there
I had my girl in november after i turned 40,and there is a 17 yr gap between my son and my daughter.
every thing went very well,I was driving right up to the last day.
I never had an amnio because of the danger of losing the baby but they do have the extensive ultra sounds which you do 4got which week you must do it.
It is roughly 80 % accurate.
the other thing i had was sciatica which started later into my pregnancy.
35 is not old tho,what about all the other women that have babies in their forties?
Madonna,geena davies etc.
just because they;re actors doesn't make them any different.
you'll be fine relax and enjoy as for the nausea as you know the first 3 months then its better.
take care

mary.NSW 11 month baby

Thanks for the reply Mary and the encouragement - most appreciated. My emtions are all over the place at the moment and i guess i'm probably panicking for nothing, i will try to relax and enjoy. Thanks again
There are some really great and supportive message boards around for people over 35.

I will be over 35 when I conceive my last child. I wish you all the best for the remainder of your pregnancy.

The only thing different is that you have more tests after you turn 35.
Thanks Jane - I am now nearly 20 weeks and all is going well. Had a scan and baby is nice and healthy a little on the small side but i dare say has heaps of growing to do yet. MMM just gottta find those message boards now hehe smile
i had my 3rd bub at 37. i didnt feel any different from the other preganies. more tired with chasing 2 little boys around! i had an amnio as the nuchal scan came back as an incresed risk of downs syndrome. . we paid extra $500 to gaet the results in a few days not 2 weeks. as they do the test differently. the results were good and we had our 3rd healthy boy when i was 37.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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