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are tests ever wrong? Lock Rss

Usually my cycle is around 38 days (give or take a bit) and my lmp was on the 13th of March (according to my mother but I really cant remember) making my period due around today.

My husband, son and my mother and father went over to QLD last tuesday night (where my husband and i are now having a holiday with his mother) and for a few days before and during the trip i was feeling sick so on Wednesday the 12th April my mum got me to take a pregnancy test because she "felt" i was pregnant.

it came up with a faint positive. I was surpised because my hubby picked up a test that you do on the first day of your missed period and i had between 5-10 days before i would be in that category......a few days later i did another test before my period due date (same brand) and once again it was positive (stronger this time) I did another one two nights ago and it was an even stronger positive.

How could i be getting positive readings even before my period was late with a test that isnt suposed to work unless you have missed a period????

Am i definately pregnant or could something be wrong? (i would go to a dr but am in QLD still and want to see my dr in perth). Other than the occasional bout of nausea (no vomiting) and tiredness i have no symptoms (and no period)

Also, do you sometimes get cramping when your pregnant (like mild period cramps)??

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The cramping is the egg attaching to your uterus & if there is a second blue line no matter how faint then you are pregnant. The secong line only shows up if you have the hcg horone in your body which is the hormone released when you are pregnant. Maybe your period was due ear;ier than what you thought...?

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Hi Clare

I would say you are definantly pregnant congratulations! I had a faint positive pregnancy test this time around a few days before my period was due and it gradually got stronger. The level of hcg in your body must have been high enough for a test to pick it up before your period was due.

By the way it is normal to get all those aches and pains in your tummy esp for a first pregnancy. Also you may find that any morning sickness and the tiredness and other symptoms may not kick in properly for a couple more weeks.


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This is just a thought - maybe it worked before your period was due because the HCG level is able to be tested two weeks after ovulation (which is on average when a period is due)? I would say with 3 positive tests you are pregnant - congratulations. Your Mum's intuitin is amazing!


I got a faint positive this time around too - when I was pregnant with DD I tested before my period was due and still got a positive. This time tiredness kicked in straight away but that could be because we are renovating - also nausea comes and goes but nothing like it was during my last pregnancy.

So I will say "CONGRATULATIONS" and I hope to see you posting in the Due in December thread.

Take Care


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my dr told me that they can be worng but if you've done 2 and the are both the same then its definate.


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