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Am I pregnant? Lock Rss

Hi Girls,

I feel a bit silly asking this but the last time I was pregnant was over 3 yrs ago so my memory is a bit shot. Did or does anyone get REALLY horny in the first few weeks? Its getting so bad now I cant think straight sometimes. Im due to test on friday this week and I think that the more I think about wanting to be pregnant the worse my 'symptoms' are. Any advice will be great.
Thanks Girls, Heather.
Hi Heather,

I was like that when i was pregnant with my son and thats what made me go and do a test because i had no other symptoms and usually not a very randy person (sorry TMI)!!!smile
So now that im TTC#2 im always thinking that but it turns out to be wishful thinking:)
Anyway that was probably a bit too much information!smile but i hope it helped in some way.

From Amber.

Amber, DS Bailey 09/03/04 & DS Astin 04/07/07

hey heather!!
I was the same with my first pregnancy! haha but it only lasted 3months! haha
I had to laugh! Very informative! lol
I would love to say YES YES YOU ARE! but I mean It could be just the thought of TTC
All I can say it wait until Friday but be sure to let us know how you go!! haha! Goodluck!

2 more sleeps

hello heather,

my son is 11wks and i can remeber probably till i was 8 wks i was really horny i found out at 6 wks but stopped having the erg 2 weeks later roughly

my partner didnt know what was goin on niether did i lol he was just like ALRIGHT!!! lol!!

***haydens mum***

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