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Has anyone used the chinese birth chart to get a certain gender? and if so did you get what it predicted? as we were going to use it but i used it to see what sex my first child was meant to be (hes already here) and it said GIRL and hes a BOY:) i even went 2 months ahead and 2 months back and it still came up GIRL so im just wondering how anyone else got on...

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Hey there,

I myself didn't try to get a certain gender by following it but came across it once I was already pregnant. It said we would have a boy and we both thought we were going to have a boy. We worked out our own births and those of our siblings as best as we could and most of them seemed correct. And then we had a girl! So its really hard to tell the accuracy although somewhere I read said it was like 97%...but I don;t know
Hi Bays Mum

I am not sure if the birth chart actually works, but i have done it i just have to wait and find out if its correct now! Scan next week to find out sex, will let you know how i go!
There are two chart styles i've come across, one where you have to change conception month and mothers age to luna years. This one said my daughter was a boy and i have concieved a girl. The other chart, you just went by actual info and this one said my daughter was a girl and i've concieved a boy. obviously i like the second one better, (fourtune baby predicted that i will have a boy) If you want to try luna years, i found that the month went back one and age moved up 2. (eg: May conception = April, age 23= 25) Good luck!

Have a look at if interested, it's not free but not expensive at all and have a money back guarentee. I mucked up my LMP date and they re-did my prediction for free. It's based on the mothers and fathers details, bodily chemistry cycle and dominant chromosome etc.

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