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How similar/different were your pregnancies? Lock Rss

I am planning on TTC for no. 2 towards the end of the yr, but am really scared because I had a horrible first pregnancy and birth.
I was so badly sick that I couldn't feed myself for the first 6 months, was throwing up about 30 times a day, and I had to have a babysitter (MIL) literally. I was always in hospital for the drip due to not being able to keep water plus the little food I ate down. The third trimester I had terrible indigestion, morning sickness and had to get up 5 times a night to go toilet, and couldn't sleep because 1. my son was so hyper before he was born he would kick the crap out of me and in my ribs and 2. I normally cannot sleep any other way than on my stomach.
That's the least of it, my terrible 42 hour labour I won't even go there....

Anyway, my question is to those that have had 2 or more children, have you had 1 really bad pregnancy and then another that was ok or bearable?? I want another baby but I wish it could just magically appear wink I am so scared if I went through this again as it was such a dark time in my life. I have a beautiful gorgeous healthy boy now that I love more than the universe multiplied by 100000000 and I want to give him a bro/sis sooner than later.

Is 2nd birth easier as they say?????? Did they pop out quicker? And has anyone had pregnancies were they both/all felt the same?

Vaccines: Question what you're told...

OMG no wonder you are scared! that is just awful, i am lucky i don't get sick during pregnancy but my 2nd labour and birth was heaps easier than the first, one i knew what to expect and second she just sort of slipped out as she was smaller than my first, i had a drug free birth with her ,not by choice mind you but things progressed so quickly the 2nd time there just was no time for pain relief..buggar. My sister had kept telling me how much worse the second labour was and so i was frightened but she couldn't have been further from the truth for me, you will at least be prepared for the worst if you fall pregnant again so you can really only have a better pregnancy and birth the next time, you are a strong woman, i wonder why some people have major sickness and others not, weird. good luck and i think you have had your fair share of sickness already so it would be nice for you to just get a mild dose next time round
Hi I certainly did not end up in hospital like you but needless to say my first pregnancy (a boy) was awful. I remember spending days crying and saying please dear god don't ever make me do this again. I became very depressed and a variety of other things but made it through thanks to medication, a wonderful hubby and an obstertrician that was a absolute gift from above. When all was said and done I was adamant that there would only ever be one baby for me but as time went on I got brave enought to go again. So far I am 21 weeks pregnant (no1 is three) with this time a girl we believe and it has been totally different. Whilst I am not going to say that it's fun it has been a walk in the park compared to no1. If things keep going this way I will make it just fine without the extra dramas of last time. It helps knowing that I will never have to do this again I have only ever wanted two kids and it feels great to know that in 19 weeks one way or another my days of being pregnant are over. Looking at my son that I do have also gives me the strength to do whatever it takes to make it to the end. It's a tough choice. Good Luck.
Hi There

I didn't have very good pregnancies either and now i am due with number 3.
In my first pregnancy i suffered bad morning sickness and miagranes up until about 16 weeks and was always at the doctors.After this time at 37 weeks i had leakage of fluid being my waters breaking and kidney stones set in they didn't deliver bub for me and tried to tell me it wasn't my waters but i disagreed anyway they sent me home. I went days overdue with bub 1 and was then induced on monday using the gel to avail and was given another 4 lots and still nothing. Finally wednesday arvo after going for a walk the contractions started but wasn't dilating so they tried to break my waters which to discover no waters to break as they had already broken at 37 weeks.I had cynatic nerve and was put on drip then after 26 hours of labour and nothing happening when the doctor walked through the door i screamed at him to get the baby out andwas taken up a c-section. With all this done i found out bubs head was to big and wasn't moving down the birth canal.After all this was done i thought it was over but wasn't as i an infection in the uterus because the baby was left so long and was on antibiotics for 3 months afterwards.
After all this i knew i wanted a brother or sister for bub 1 and i also contemplated about going again and we decided to but this time we decided on c-section as i did not want to go through what i went through with bub 1 only to this time my kidney stones set in at around 28 weeks was in and out of hospital on pain relief and rest periods.It drove me mad as each doctor had a different opinion once again. I was booked at 38 weeks for c-section but my waters broke at 36 weeks and had a beautiful baby girl ( very healthy ) for being early.
Now i am pregnant again with bub 3 i am 32 weeks people think i am mad because of what i went through but i sort have forgotten to certain extent except for the kidney stones as i have them this pregnancy also but was a bit more prepared this time for that. Out of all my three pregnancies my best so far would be my third things seem to run a bit more smoother on this i don't know why but have enjoyed it alot more also as i didn't suffer many miagranes or morning sickness. Sorry to carry on hope this helps a little but i didn't let it stop me from going again.


Hi firefoxy,

I have had four children naturally.Number one was a great pregnancy no sickness and easy labour she did come at 36 weeks though 5lb 9. I stayed home until i was heavily in labour and when i got to hospital i as 7 cm dialated so she was out within the next two hours. No drugs, no stitches.

Number two another good pregnancy some quezy moments thats all. He came at 36 weeks 6lb 7. My front water broke with him so when i got to hospital they broke my hind water and he was out in 3 hours. No drugs, no stiches.

Number three good pregancy a little more morning sickness. He came 37 weeks as i was induced. I had a split placenta with this pregancy so i was a little nervous waiting to go into labour myself. If the placenta had seperated i could of lost him so i chose to be induced as soon as i could. He was 6lb 4. I had an epidural, no stitches but this labour was 12 hours i think my body wasnt ready to do anything and he didnt want to come out. Healthy baby no stitches.

Number 4 a fair bit of queazy mornings really bad heartburn with all the kids. I was induced at 40 weeks because i was impatient, she weighed 7lb 4. I had an epidural and she was out in 6 hours. Healthy baby no stitches.

I hope i havnt bored you but all of my pregnancys where different in their own kind of way. My husband and i are discussing no 5 so i wonder what that labour would be like. Its easy to say but when you have your beautiful healthy children in your arms you put all the bad pregancy moments behind you. As they say you do forget the pain until you are back in the moment and then it all happens to quick to think about it. (in my case anyway) I hope your next pregnancy is a good one i couldnt imagine going thru what you have gone thru. My doctor always reminds me that all pregnancys are different so this one might be the good one.

Ceri mother of 4

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